Keto bad. DASH good!

I need to diet and my nutritionist always tells me if I’m going to go on a diet, then DASH is the way to go. My sister is on the Keto diet and was telling me how good it is but I did my research.

A bunch of experts ranked the top 39 diets for U.S.A. Today. The criteria they used was how safe it is, how expensive it is, how heart healthy, how good it is for short term and long term weight loss and how good it is for preventing or managing diabetes and how easy it id to follow.

The DASH diet overall ranked second, getting 4.2 out of 5 stars and getting 3.8 stars or better in almost every category. Overall, the Keto diet ranked about 25th. Getting 2.8 stars. It got low marks for being healthy and how easy it is to follow. And low marks for just about every category. It’s expensive and can even be dangerous. It got a high mark for rapid short term weight loss. But yeah, I’m going to try the DASH diet. It’s healthy safe and doesn’t leave you hungry. And by the way, it has one of the most highest varieties of food allowed. It allows you some lean meats, plenty of vegetables, fruit, pasta, dairy and bread.


You will lose weight if you eat one meal a day

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I want a diet where I don’t go hungry and is healthy. It would be hard to get all the nutrients I need in one meal a day and I know it would leave me hungry. I would probably lose weight on one meal a day but it’s not practical.


Yeah the DASH diet is healthy but so is the Mediterranean diet.

My nutritionist recommend the Mediterranean diet.

But both would be ideal.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve talked to a doctor about diets, but when I did he recommended the Mediterranean diet.

Edit: This was for heart health.


and perhaps not possible/ realistic

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what ranked first?

i think the DASH diet and mediterranean diet are similar from what i remember.

i think the DASH diet focuses on low salt which is cool for blood pressure

good luck Nick

do you mind me asking what your diet was like previously?

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I’m on the taco johns diet


Just very random. I would cook casseroles or make huge bowls of something like potato salad or carrot salad. I would bake a few chicken breasts maybe and eat them for a few days. Or make some meat dish. I also ate out a few times a week, oatmeal or cold cereal for breakfast. Sandwich for lunch.


Yeah, the Mediterranean diet was #1.


yea portion control is important, i am no expert on portion control

Why don’t you try out the Mediterranean diet @77nick77?

I have high blood pressure. The DASH diet is geared towards lowering blood pressure.


Yeah that would be a good diet for me as well actually.

I also have high blood pressure.


All you eat is tacos?

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Yeah lately lol

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One meal a day really screws with my blood sugar.

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It’s fine once you get used to it. But you might have to snack.

Did it for three months and was ordered to stop by doctor because I didn’t acclimatize.

Sounds like it only works for some people then. I did it for a long time without trying to and I was fine.