Katty on Tuesday

It is a weird rainy day :frowning: Good and bad I guess, struggling to keep calm.
I am over the edge and took 3x 225 mg L Theanine. It is almost 3 pm.

My cat is fine though, she seems very happy and fluffy. :sob: she is so cute!!! and her fur is so delicately soft!!!

21 PM

I did some photography today. Did my income and expenses for the past 6 months and it does not look good. :frowning:
I need to push forward.

I received my Valentino purse in the mail today and it is too beautiful. Along with last weekend’s purchases I got a lot of expenses so my bf wants to pay it all back to me as a gift for my birthday. HAH! I am pleased but need to decide on a present in return in 2 months.


Awww she is so cute and also dignified. Didn’t know her name was Katty !!

Are your intrusive thoughts better now?

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I just got back from the store with a bag of kitty litter. After I put it in the tub my cat started pawing a bunch of it out onto the floor. What does it mean when a cat does that? My cat is going to be an outdoor cat for a while.

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Her name is Miss Tigré :smiley: lol So I call her or MissTi :slight_smile:

Yeah she is cute and I have so much fun. She has a habit though of waking me up around 4 am every morning :flushed:

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not sure what you mean but my cat also makes a mess.

It looked like he was deliberately making the worst mess he could. He was raking the kitty litter with his paw, out of the tub onto the floor. At first I thought he was going to poop, and had just gotten carried away, but then it became apparent that he was deliberately making the biggest mess he could.


My cat does the same thing with the litter. He’s always been an indoor cat so I am unsure what that means.

@mermaid1 your cat is adorable :blush:

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He was doing it with such abandon just now. I’m wondering if he is telling me not to interfere with his litter box, but I have to do that to keep it clean.


Yeah I suppose your kitty could be just claiming his territory.

That reminds me I need to clean up my cats litter box. It’s weird with my cat because he only started doing it fairly recently. I wonder if it’s just some hunting/gathering instinct cats have :thinking:


I love them, but I can’t handle their cat attitudes.

Dogs or bust!

However, I do have one dog that is cat sized.

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No telling. It very well might be. My cat is learning a lot of rules for him to be in my room, like he can’t play with the power chord of my computer.


@mermaid1 i do miss your posts on this forum… your cat is absolutely adorable… everytime i see her photo i feel like she’s pissed off at me… but in a cute kinda way…

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She kind of has the smug look of a cat who just caught a mouse and ate it.

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