My cat and a chill morning

she just does not want me asleep I guess.
I know it is 10 am but the weather is chill and I am tired. She kept walking on my face, stomach, licking me, sneezing on my face for at least half an hour :frowning:

Then I got up and now she is sleeping in my place. :cat:

I’ve been thinking of doing some funny doodle sketches about my cat and schizophrenia, but worried I won’t be able to continue on bad days.

Last night, I ordered some very nice designer stuff from the clearance. It still cost me a lot but I can pay back slowly and felt like I deserved it. Agree?

A Valentino purse, it was less than 50% off. I will keep this though for special occasions until I can afford better.
A simple dress, I will need this, and some more dresses for autumn. (I need to buy some more dresses)

Two pairs of shoes. I saw a red such beautiful shoe but my friend has one similar so I did not order. It would be weird. Plus the brand was Kendal and Kylie so I was hesitant. So I ordered another orange/red shoe.

38 AM

20 AM

25 AM

13 AM

Now I really have to focus on work though! :frowning:

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That’s a really cute dress. Rock it!

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It’s great that you have such an interest in things.

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