Adopted a kitten!

We went to the animal shelter today and we got to meet all the different cats.
I fell in love with an orange and white female tabby.
She’s 10 months old and so cool calm and affectionate!
She’s home now.
I set up my bedroom as base camp for her.

I won’t be sleeping in my bedroom, I’ll be sleeping in the spare bedroom or on the couch where I’m more comfortable.

I set up her litter box scratch post feeding bowls toys in the room.

She’s still a bit shy and is in hiding behind the hamper.

I really think that she’s a good fit for me, my brother agrees.

I’ll be posting pics of her later on.

@ZombieMombie you were right.

The people at the animal shelter said it’s not a good idea to serve wet food exclusively to the cat.

They said that setting dry food out all day and occasionally feeding them wet food once a day is better for them.

My apologies to you.

I’m still learning.

She’s been eating Purina One Kitten food.

So I bought a bag of dry and some cans of wet food.


Congrats @Wave . I hope it’s a good fit and you enjoy your time with your new kitten.


Thanks @Bowens!


Yay, how exciting! She sounds like a cute kitty. :relaxed:


ive always wanted a cat, they are so chill. the shelter told me my current dog shouldnt be around cats tho. idk if its because he doesnt like them or what but he has a scar on his snout that looks like it could be from a cat


Thanks @Blossom!


I’m already looking forward to the pictures,


I don’t like the shelter name for her so I’m in the process of thinking of some good names for her


Yes I’ll take plenty of photos of her but it’s difficult now cause she’s in hiding


I don’t know what you’re apologizing for. Obviously I missed something?

Congrats on the new kitty!


Thanks @ZombieMombie!

No it’s because I thought feeding cats wet food exclusively was the way to go.

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No worries. A lot of people think that, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of or apologize for.


She’s hiding behind the laundry hamper and won’t come out yet.
How long will she be in hiding?

Should I coax her out?

Or let her be for now until she’s comfortable coming out?

@ZombieMombie @Blossom @Pikasaur @sweetpotatofries


When I took in some feral kittens, I let them hide. I sat close to where they were hiding with some raw bacon cut up into small bits, about a half inch pieces. I would carefully toss the bacon to them so they could sniff it and eat. Id do that a few times, then slowly move my hand out to place the bacon near them, but far enough so they had to take a step to get it. All while talking on a quiet, soothing voice.

Talk about anything. "Hi, like bacon? Want some treats? Mmm, yummy? Do you feel safe? " that sort of thing.

Sit there ten or 15 minutes, enough to feed one slice of bacon. Then carefully leave. You can do this several times a day, placing the bacon closer to you or holding it out and seeing if it will take it from your hand. Watch out for teeth, kittens can get seroous about raw meat.

It took me 3 days to tame the most feral of our kittens. The power of bacon compells them, lol.


I can ask my sister later what she did. She had feral cat which probably was neglected. I believe it took her a while to build trust with the cat. Good luck.


@ZombieMombie do you think it’s possible to tame adult feral cats too?
We’ve a family of feral cats living under our house in the foundations. They get in through a vent. It must be dry and warm where they are. My wife has an allergy to cats and wants me to block up the vent. But I love all animals and want to feed them. Even though every time I see them they are all fat. So they must be getting rid of some pests somewhere. There were kittens last year and were so cute. There are plenty of places for them to hide and stay warm and dry but they’ve chosen our foundations. I believe they are lucky for us….but maybe not so much for my wife.

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Yes I placed her food bowl full of dry food next to her.
I think I’ll give her some space for now.


You can get them accustomed to your presence, but some adults will never be tamed fully.


Thank you @ZombieMombie . I’ve read that adult feral cats would be as wild as a raccoon which the one I often see looks very healthy as it is. But the kittens look like they’d like a little human attention. There is a shelter close by but I’ve stopped my wife from calling them as they can’t rehome them and would be putting them to sleep. It’s just the way it is here as there are so many feral cats close by.

See if you can find a trap, neuter, release program. That way they can live out their lives, but won’t reproduce.