Anyone else having a shite day?

today and the last two weeks actually have been bad for me. the voices have been slowly getting more intense and i have been coming to a standstill in terms of the housework. on top of that one of my cats keeps peeing everywhere so its a constant round of cleaning up after her. she has an appointment with the vet next week but i don’t know what can b done as i think it’s behavioural. if there is anything new in the house she pees on it, that includes shopping bags. she even pees on the draining board in the kitchen because i got a crockery holder on there. i’m at my wits end with her as every day i’m finding that she has peed somewhere. it’s so bad i’m even thinking of having her put to sleep as no one will take her. i honestly think she is marking her territory all the time. i’ve put up with this for years. got rid of all the carpets. my son would b devastated if i put her to sleep but i don’t c any other way out. i’m going to ask the vet for blood and urine tests to make sure it’s nothing that can’t b fixed. i’m hoping that it can b. but if its behavioural, i don’t know what else i can do. on top of that the voices have been getting worse and i’ve been getting a lot of migraines so not tending to the housework and it’s getting me down being physically ill as well as mentally not doing so well. my mum is coming over on friday to help me out but i need to tidy up first. i don’t want her to c my house looking so bad as it will only worry her about my mental state. just wanted to vent.

my in laws had to eventually keep their cat outside for the same reasons .
a person i know gets migraines she gets special tablets from her doctor and also i have heard botox has had an effect on migraines, lessening them.
sorry you are having a bad time , i hope your day gets better.
take care

Hope you feel better


How cold does it get where you live? They likely have heated cat houses for outdoors. Has she been declawed?

people don’t have “outdoor” cats in the uk and declawing is illegal and considered abuse. thanks for the suggestions though xxx

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