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I’ve had a lot on my mind the last couple of days. Between reoccurring memories, voices, visual hallucinations and just plain sadness.

Memories of stuff that happened when I was a kid. Voices telling me I’m not worthy of basically the air that I breathe. Shadow people and whispers.

Don’t worry I will never try to hurt myself again. I tried twice before. First time had my stomach pumped. Second just threw up all night and told no one.

Just wanted to get this off my chest


I hope you’re okay @cbbrown. Just think of your lovely animals. I think i can speak for most people here when i say it would be a shame without you. Look after yourself. Hope you feel better soon.


I fell you, haven’t seen my best of days lately,
Been in a pit of negative feedback for 3 months.

Good to hear your not thinking about suicide or hurting yourself,
It’s a real reality sad but true, happens to people/not alone.

Hope things can ease up for you, know what it’s like to have a lot on your mind.

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Sounds like me, but i don’t suicide. I am thinking how i can improve myself. Quit smoking, loose weight are my major obstacles. I am working on a plan to overcome them. I can’t do anything about bad memories but rethinking how it shaped my life. How i suppose to love myself when i can’t to accept what shaped me.:neutral_face:

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I am in the same boat…my mind brings up things that I would rather not remember…I hope you can hold it together…please don’t hurt yourself.

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I’m sorry you’re having a hard time @cbbrown. I have been depressed lately and it seems a lot of people are dealing with bad stuff right now. I am glad to hear that you’re not going to hurt yourself because that’s never a good answer and you would be missed. Take care of yourself and your pets. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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My partner and I talked about it. She is the big reason I don’t want to hurt myself. I also know it’s no solution


I sense you are scared. I’m sorry that you feel like you don’t deserve the best. For me, my childhood was very difficult, and unhealthy. I had to unlearn things. Like saying something isn’t okay if it’s not okay.

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