I messed up

I feel awful weeks of feeling normal then falling again. Hear my thoughts being broadcasted and feeling scared to the core. Felling like omg think right think positive because of people and ur fam hear or read what you think you will be done. I called some program I screamed at the lady semi drunk and and confused and mad what do I do I can hear people speaking to me on rewards of what I’m doing. Etc… she was kind and for once it felt as tho she was able to avoid the voices and clearly talk to me cuz she sounded as tho she cared. I believed the voices I’m ashamed. I heard my mom today my aunt my nephew sister and names. Number colors scared the crap out of me. I feel safe to say this hear. Sometimes I wish I was crazy enough. Sometimes i wish it was all gone. Truth is I’m tired of being tired. I have no positive thoughts no longer I try but I’m running out. I just can’t…


Are u taking any medication or not .??? Eddy my man…!!!


Keep trying and don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s bloody hard working it out.

I went through countless ups and downs, and still have the occasional fall. It usually starts with me feeling good for a week or so, then having a drink, then more, then I’m back suffering for a week or three.

You’ll get there :slightly_smiling_face:


@Eddylalo1 Hang in there. I believe in you. I know it’s hard when everything is continuous and intense all the time. Be patient, take your meds and look after yourself. It will get better


Thank you to the support.

Guess I am do hard on myself cuz I don’t understand it and when I hear voices of people I know or think the neighbors are hearing my thoughts and just cave in thinking the worst of it al under pressure. All I know it’s horrible.

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I am not as of now but I finally have an appointment on the 14th of this month

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Are u awake eddy…!!!

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Yes just woke up. Bro yesterday I was so scared because I came across a page that til me about mind control reading and I tripped out lol. I rather be crazy. @far_cry0

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