Abilify questions

Hi guys haven’t been here in a while ive been doing really well and hope you guys have been too im adding abilify to my perscriptions and was wondering if you guys have any tips for this medication // and know about the side effects it has? Is it good? Thanks.

Can give you anxiety. Can make you impulsive. Can increase sex drive. Can give akithisia.

I guess you gotta take the good with the bad, any weight gain? Thats the big one im worried about thanks.

It was miricle drug for me perfect antipsychotic since other ones gave me aide effects. But I have Bipolar W psychosis, GAD, and schozotypal so that different. Still get psychosis but minor I can deal with with help

I’ve had weight gain. But it’s generally said to be quite weight neutral.

I cant tolerate more than 10mg Abilify, otherwise I get impulsive and hypersexual.

My weight was lowest on Abilify as my negative symptoms were a lot better on it. Actually I recently booked an apt to add 10mg Abilify and reduce my Risperdal to 2mg.

Im on Olanzapine 20mg transitioning to Abilify 10mg, i have no side effect and lost around 10 lbs, but just in the begining i felt like i was heavy on meds and had diarrhea once, then after everything it feel normal, so no side effect for me, i even wake up earlier i sleep for around 7-8 hours.

This med sounds like a winner thanks for all the replies everybody.

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Abilify is the only drug that works and i can function ok on it and not be a zombie. i had gained a ton of weight on zyprexa before getting on abilify, and my weight goes up and down depending on exercise diet etc, (which gets affected by my level of stress, negative symptoms, finances, and which ap i am on), so im not sure how much weight i gained on abilify.

i think abilify didnt make me gain as much weight as zyprexa or seroquel, but i think i did gain some weight on abilify.

i was on 15 mg for a long time, but now i’m at 10 mg because of the long time period i was off meds entirely. When I went back on 10 mg, initially i had a terrible physical reaction feeling really ill so I was lowered to 5 mg for a while and then bumped up to 10 mg after some time to adjust.


I think your anxiety came from Zyprexa withdrawal. ( The terrible reaction )

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Anxiety and increased blood sugar (get your blood tests every 6 months - 1 year)

I have to take Metformin to combat the increased blood sugar.

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How many mg of Abilify you were on?

10mg when I had blood sugar problems. I’m actually on 15mg now.

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Are you gaining weight on it? Sorry for a second question, im just curious.

It seems to be weight neutral for me. If I diet I lose weight, if I overeat I gain.

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I have one more question guys do you recommend taking it at night or in the morning? Thanks.

I recommend the morning at first, as it can be activating. If it makes you tired then you can try taking it at night.

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I take it at 6pm. I’ve experimented with different times and found that was the best for me.

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