Just received a letter from Social Security


They want information from me to see my overall health and how I’m doing overall.

The next step may be a Medical review from them.

I have no reason to worry but for some reason I’m nervous.

I need my insurance.

My medical expenses are expensive.

I can’t work.

Anyone else on SSDI and have been reviewed?


Yeah, every year or so. They just want to know if you’re still disabled and if you can work or not. There’s always some chance they would stop your benefits but if you are honestly still disabled they will keep giving you benefits.


I think once you’ve qualified for SSDI with your diagnosis you don’t have anything to worry about.


Are you from the US? I just applied for disability and wondering how you made your case


I’m from the US.
Applied for disability about 5 years ago because I could no longer work.


Yeah been on ssdi since 2009 been reviewed twice. They have never asked for some kind of medical review just forms with questions. I never had to go in and see anybody. I always worry that they will kick me off. Especially now that I work a little.


Even if you go back to work you get to keep Medicare for like 7 years. I am in the process of going back to work but I have never had a medical review.

My secondary insurance requires me to keep Medicare to still pay out so even if I go off of SSDI I have to keep paying the Medicare premiums.


I get one of those every other year. It’s like you said…they want basic info. They have always sent me a letter after I fill out the paperwork and send it in. I’ve NEVER had a complete review.

I was anxious about it, too. Just be honest.


Thanks guys, I’m feeling better about it now.
Never faced this before.


I was only reviewed via a form with questions once in the past 4 years. I’ve never had to be reviewed by their doctor though.


Yeah so far I received a form with questions.
No medical review.


I wouldn’t worry then. I think working and being able to keep a job for a while would put you at higher risk.


If they ask has your condition improved say no. They ask did your dr say you could work? Say no it obvious stuff but I know some of those questions answered yes can trigger a more in depth review


This happened to my mom but not me. I’m sure it will happen to me eventually, it would definitely make me panic if I didn’t have family to help me out with it.


i was refused when i tried to get back on it because i hadent been for a review


I got that letter that said does your doctor say you can work or not. At the time she said no. Now she says yes. I have to put that down next time I’m reviewed. I am 80 percent cured. If they cut me off so be it. 50 years ago they put you on disability only if you couldn’t dress yourself. Plus I live in a liberal state that expanded medicaid, so I would be able to get my meds. I still hope to get part time job and stay on disability at the same time. I wasn’t expecting to live this long. So I have nothing to lose.


What does your dr really know anyways? Only about 10 to 24 percent of schiz work and it’s usually part time not full. I doubt that most are making what SSA calls substantial earning and can work. I also think that some of these drs. Just dont like the lifestyle that some mentally ill people live and are gonna tell you to work regardless.


The doctor says a lot of people work part time and stay on benefits. She is forcing me to work. I never give eye contact or I start laughing. I would need somebody to set me up a cleaning job. The interview would not go well with inappropriate laughter. I even tell the hair style list that I don’t look at the mirror because I am going to laugh. I probably should switch doctors. I’m not denying that I can clean by myself. But I would need to be setup a job.


Well then I would mention that it’s only part time work that your dr recommended and not full for a review.


When these people try to start forcing you to change your lifestyle to something that is too difficult for you it us time to fire them.