Ssdi or ssi review

Was your ssdi approved or disapproved after the inital five to seven years

My fear is that my ssdi benefits will get cut off and i wont be able to pay back my loans. Is having the diagnosis of sz/sza enough for them to approve your benfits the second time around?
I feel my condition has improved but still derailed by negative symptoms;where i feel low on energy,lack confidence in socializing,and poor hygene.

If you are med compliant and still unable to work I’d just relax.

Be honest with them, they are more reasonable the more trustworthy you seem.

I’m almost back into the condition where I can work. My review is Nov 2017. I’m hoping to be off disability before then because I don’t want to deal with that BS.

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I had my first review two years ago. I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork so did my partner and then my doctors had to fill out a bunch too. I was glad they didn’t have my in laws fill out the paperwork i’m pretty sure they would have lied to make me seem better or worse then I actually am,

Sza is considered a major disability . I’ve been reviewed about 3 or 4 times in 20 years and i never rubbed dook on myself for the review but was just honest that full time work appeared too stressful. Also
keep in mind the gov are forgiving student loans for the disabled. Look up “disability discharge”

I’m just finishing the paper work up for the 5 year review. i am trying not to worry. But you never know, I do know my therapist I see mostly said I am not ready for employment so I guess if they look at that its ok. try not to worry. I understand it is hard not to worry about it.

I got my first review a year after getting disabilty. It was nerve racking. I thought I would have to pay it all back. They said my prognosis should improve and I should return to work before the next review.

Met a lady called bipolar, fibromialga and irritable bowel syndrome. She was not psych meds compliant. Not hearing voices much either. She got reviewed by mental care annually and he was so hard on her type A personality, she left the meetings in tears sobbing. Chose medical marijuana, informally grown.

I have paranoid schizo following selective amnesia (type of PTSD), nervous break caused psychosis to start and never quit. Insomnia is barely treated the way the state handles sleep pills and limits on dosing for women. Also thinning skin on hands causing blisters from soap and suffered busted back in fall couple of years back. Put on significant amount of weight on 5’2"…Heard voices non-stop for 12 years now, started on 30th birthday. Tried to avoid person who caused nervous breakdown but no relief from voices yet. So, I got reviewed on paper at 10 years. None of the care wanted to talk to me…Caught second case of crazy/psychosis after working at wrong place last year, so hearing a lot more stuff now. I’m on 3 year review now. Told by local social worker, I will need to work at grocery store now and they threw me out of the local professionals networking group. This has happened to other female victims who needed to self support & unable to work retail due to too many social interaction problems due to local hate monger church people harassing people on SSDI for stealing. Others left town and employment was good…This area is so tough on victims with work place scams, no unemployment most of the time for screwed and lots of bad policing trying to discriminate if any opportunity arises. I get reviewed next year and also probably lose Medicare discount so health insurance will cost me $800 a month because I worked over the years even in life/death situations but staffing is too bad locally any longer to bother with the possibility of getting sued due to manager’s negligence. Working hard to land in job in another state…managed to get old RV cheap and going to leave. Need to be living in my own home and self employed (combination?) of incomes as friend is getting out of jail and need to have place for us to stay. Got to get on Obamacare insurance…May not be able to afford the RV for long, looks like money pit.

But really, I can just fill out the review form and mental care did not even want to chat. Was specific about recent setbacks to working and just asked for more time to deal with it. I’m meds compliant but just taking small dose after nothing stopped voices. Seroquel causes decent drowsiness if cut up… I see mental care twice a year for meds management and just tell a few social problem stories, ask for refill. Gave up on therapy as it is really so bad here, they will bust some victims of well known local sex abuse situation to bits over and over to discredit the females, so do cops. I’m from the sex abuse situation too…would be better to have some distance from it as this is why there is so much discrimination here too.

I agree with you though. Is stressful to even bother with disability. Would LOVE to be working full-time but local area is a trap for female and unstable any longer, horrible pay too. Got screwed in school so has been slow to retrain. Got screwed in internship, so even slower plus lost more work and nothing to show for it. Got screwed so many times and honestly, checked out several places to live doing whore or major psycho cases to people so probably will not be giving up sanctuary of disability check ever. Open to working full-time but after what I’ve seen, very hesitant.