Social Security Disability Review

Have any of you ever been through a social security disability review? Whats it like?? I have been on disability now for 12 years and I know i am do for a review…and that scares me. I am doing so much better then what I was back then. I contribute most of it to the medicines im on. Anyways, im just scared i am going to lose disability when I get reviewed…even though my Psychiatrist tells me to stay on disability and not try and go back to work full time. I worry about this all the time now.

You can only wait and see. I’m getting better with each passing week. I’m afraid by the time I do get disability( I guess that is more of an if) I won’t really need or be deserving. But ssi check would be nice for all the time I was unable to work!

I don’t know how old you are but at my reviews I always went with either one of my parents or both. They made sure that my case
to keep disability was stated clear and correct. If you can’t work then you have a good case to be on it. I wouldn’t advise to lie but you can shade your case a little to make a point.

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I am 38 years old. I have been on disability since I was 26. I think bringing one of my parents like you said is a good idea. If nothing else it will make me a lot less nervous.

I always just let them know in a review why I can’t work…answering “can’t sit still or concentrate” that’s a biggie…it’s better if your psychiatrist can say something about you not being able to work…

I didnt know my psychiatrist was allowed to say anything. She is flat out against me going back to work. She wants me to stay on disability.

Maybe ask your psychiatrist for a note saying that in her opinion you are not ready to go back to work.

I would think it’s all routine. You also have your doctors recommendation. So think you would have no problems in challenging any negative decision by social security if it came up. Try not to worry too much on it but know how difficult that is in itself.