Just once I"d love a disagreement not stating I am crazy

I mean just once can’t my spouse and me disagree on something without it being “in my mind” what ever I think is true, usually it is not. I’m tired of it. desimb

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That’s terrible. No way to win someone over.

I know how you feel.Early on in my disease, every time I got mad at my mom she would always ask, "Are you taking your medication? I know how frustrating it can be for someone to throw that in your face when yoiu are arguing.The good news is that my mom stopped doing that years and years ago. I can’t always trust my thinking, but I am not always wrong either.

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Thanks Nick for telling me about that, though I’m never asked about meds, I’m called crazy all the time when I never miss a pill.

My partner all the time says stuff is in my head.

I’m having that problem with something kind of scary right now that no one believes. Last response - Only a schizophrenic would believe that.

I can’t count the number of times people have asked me that question over the years. While I have to admit I was never good at compliance, it seems like many times people can’t accept that the mentally ill can just become angry or upset like everyone else. It’s not always the illness.


I’d say - more often than not, I haven’t taken one of my pills - when someone says that. I’m on a pretty even keel when I take them.

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:clap: Can I get an “Amen brother?!” Thank you in the back…

That action alone… :angry: “You seem upset… did you take your meds?”

That right there just makes it worse… :rage:

As they say, that works about as well as “baptizeing a cat”.