When you can't disagree with anyone without being called "crazy"?

Just saying. all is said before the road trip was, please don’t speed too much on the way and the disagreement started which can never be two adults disagreeing without one being called crazy. Let the family down I was going to go visit cause I didn’t have it in me to go myself and he would not agree to go the speed limit. had to pay for a hotel I didn’t get to stay in and I have been working hard for what money I get. Most depressed for Mother’s Day I guess…

I am so sorry desimb…you didn’t deserve that. It’s a shame he wouldn’t drive the speed limit.

I agree @jukebox, @desimb, life can be miserable enough on it’s own without having your significant other being a boat anchor around your neck.

The unDx’d just love to toss around that “crazy” label as if the frequent use of it will ward off the curse of it rubbing off on them.

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Being able to disagree agreeably is an important skill to have. People who don’t have it are a pain.


I’m so sorry your husband has to resort to the low shot to temporarily win an argument. To loose all that money and not even get to enjoy the hotel or any of the rest…

I wish things would go better for you.

My deepest sympathies… I’m sorry this had to happen.

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