Do you hate when people ask if you've taken your medication

I haven’t had my medicine in two days.

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Better take it then my girlfriend always reminds me to takemy medication

It annoys me a bit

It’s very dangerous to stop your meds on your own. If the doc is on board there are no issues.

I have to be spoken to all the time about this otherwise I forget

I often get asked if I’ve had my injection or not. It bugs me a little, because it implies that others are finding my behaviour strange/blaming some life thing on schizophrenia when the illness does NOT define me.


I’m occasionally reminded by my brother. Worst is when I’m having an argument and my mum goes have u taken ur medication.


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Only a few times because I take my meds now

Apparently it’s been pretty obvious to others when I have decided to come off my meds. I know I shouldn’t do it, but every so often I get so depressed about the extra stone I’m carrying since being on meds that I can’t shift that I stop taking everything.

When I first got sick at age 19 my mom always used to ask me if I had taken my meds whenever I got angry at something. That pissed me off so much because the insinuation was that I was crazy for getting mad. I was never sure if she deliberately did that knowing how it made me feel, but it always felt like an insult to me. My whole family has been supportive throughout my 38 years with this disease and she only did that in the beginning but eventually stopped.


I used to be when I wouldn’t take it. I’m taking it now and people seem more satisfied. I guess everybody knows I’m crazy.

Once my mother in law asked me that because I got upset. Maybe she doesn’t know schizophrenic people get upset (like normal people) and it doesn’t mean that they haven’t taken their meds.


Lmao, I sometimes too get upset and my mother goes like ’ you need to take your meds’ lol like if sane people were perfectly happy 24/7 :man_facepalming:


My folks thankfully never ask that. But I think they know I usually let folk know if I have a notion to not take my meds. Thankfully I don’t do that anymore

The woman who cleans my flat asks me if I’ve taken my meds (Kemadrin and Omeprazole) . That’s because she noticed a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t take my meds the day before(dosette box) . I don’t get annoyed about it .

on Free Sheri! on Facebook, complete strangers say, Somebody hasn’t taken their meds.

I’m completely coherent, there’s nothing wrong about what I’m saying. Really makes me mad.

people on my friends list never say it though, probably because I sometimes take a pic of my pills
laid out on the table.

My family does whenever I get upset. It bothers me but to be honest they do the same thing with my mom and her medications for MI. I’ve gotten over it because I have never missed my meds, ever

My husband used to before i got on injection. He was usually right.

Yes, especially because I usually did take my meds so it comes off as if the meds aren’t working.

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