Did you ever question someone and get a "You're crazy." answer

Wow, people have defenses. I just had to fight to prove that someone acted a bit irresponsibly and, man, did I ever get an angry response from her that I had to fight through. She was going to “put me in my place” whether it was justified or not to “cover her butt” as she would say.

There is the obvious answer that I’m sure most of us would agree with. “I’m on meds what’s your problem”… If you find the courage to say this tell me how pls.


Well, it threatened her to think she might have messed up. Later she came around and admitted she must have messed up but added that she is 99% dependable, which is true and I felt she gave enough of an apology. All’s well that ends well.

I go with the less confrontational, “Yeah, that’s why I take meds.” Or sometimes, “You know, my doctor agrees with you!”

It usually makes people feel uncomfortable and awkward, because they realize they just discriminated against you. And meanwhile, you act super friendly to them and it makes them feel even worse.

…Guys, am I maybe a bit manipulative?


All I do is act super nice too people and hope it makes them feel bad. Maybe that’s what the phrase kill them with kindness comes from?

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