Just got Prescribed Caplyta -- Insurance problems

My doctor prescribed me Caplyta 42 mg. Unfortunately, the insurance won’t cover it unless he does a prior authorization. I have good private insurance. Obviously, I cannot afford $1600 a month for it. I would have to stay on Vraylar. I’m really hoping this comes through. I might have to call the insurance company or look into the coupon thing.

Wish me luck.


Good luck @anon28145038

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What’s that? And why can’t he do it ?

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Some insurance thing saying I need it. He will do it. Just more loops to jump through. It’s actually cheaper than Vraylar. Can’t get my hopes up anymore.


Best of luck with it. I hope it works out for you.

Keep us informed if you start taking it !

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Tell us if it improves your negative and cognitive symptoms :innocent:

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Yes please tell us how the new med is

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I always wanted other people to be the guinea pigs on a new fresh med.
Then I would look here for real facts about how it feels.

Best of luck!!!

Do report back on the side effects

good luck man! I hope you can try ITI-007