Excellent News! New Med Caplyta

My insurance is covering Caplyta and my copay is $15. I’m very happy with my nurse, doctor, and insurance. I should get it soon.

I hope it works. Read some negative reviews online. I don’t care if I’m a guinea pig lol.


Let us know how it goes

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Great! Keep us updated on your negative and cognitive symptoms.

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Good news @anon28145038!

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Speaking of rodents and capybaras:


Update: I plan on taking 42 mg tomorrow. I got my med and paid 15 dollars.

I like the fact that only common side effects are tiredness and dry mouth. I see decreased appetite as a side effect online and no weight gain! I probably weigh close to 290 lbs as a 6’1 guy. Can I lose weight on this baby lol?

I haven’t really read the paperwork or fine print in detail, but somnelence and dry mouth are 5% or less common.

who knows it might be a doozer. But I have to try. I was once diagnosed with treatment resistant undifferentiated schizophrenia. I tried a lot of things and the newest meds because I really, really want to recover. I am trying everything. I could eat healthier and exercise and try to volunteer I guess too. I am weak minded because of the mental illness. It has it’s psychological toll on me. I had a severe case including vision impairment, hearing impairment, and couldn’t feel or sense reality for 6-7 years.

Well on the website it says metabolic changes (weight gain and the other crap) but it doesn’t list it specifically. It says in general like all APs can cause those things.


I seem to be more affected by weight gain, metabolic changes, and crap. I also have negative and cogntive symptoms. Like loss in intelligence and no motivation or drive in life. It’s like I gave up on trying or existing.

I gained 100 lbs in a year.

What medication was you on before?

Hopefully you lose the weight and don’t gain any. I’d like to try caplyta but I’m not sure if it’s available in England yet.

Everyone responds differently to medication, maybe it suits you and you really like it. Best of luck

I believe in studies nobody gained weight, but they had to put it down as a possible side effect just because of the class of med it is. @twinklestars @everhopeful do either of you remember if this was true?

This is from the manufacturer , talking about phase 2 trials.

ITI-007 demonstrated a favorable tolerability profile with little or no weight gain, a favorable effect on metabolic parameters, and a reduced risk for akathisia and hyperprolactinemia. ITI-007 had little or no effect on weight gain analyses including placebo-adjusted mean weight gain by clinical site.


lol try out it if it works.

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I hope it works for you. Tell us if it does. If the general reviews within the next several years or so are good I may consider it.

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So how have you been on the medicine?do leave a review on the WebMD site after you tested enough