Finally got caplyta, very expensive drug, my insurance covered it

retail cost 1555 us dollars, what is this drug made of to cost this much, is this drug like really good or something. wtf. lol my insurance fully covered it omg.


heres video of what i does in brain so interesting.

Is that a month? :bear::bear::bear:

do you mean months worth of meds yes.

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Yeah $1555 a month? :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:

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I’m glad your insurance covers it.
Good luck with it @oe1489

Keep us posted.

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yes 30 days of pill 1555 us dollars.

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just finish watching the video, it looks like it does binds to alot of receptors in the brain, regulates neurons. My pdoc says it a very good medication. let me see if its true. I suggest abilify or latuda she said it wont be good fit for me this one was idk why she choose this one.

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That is insane. :flushed::flushed::flushed:

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the pills are manufactured in switzerland. i just want a medication that will help me lose weight. thats all.


Let us know how do on it.
If you don’t mind.

@GrayBear, Invega injections are $2000 per injection which only lasts 3 to 4 weeks. The cost of meds in the US is out of control!

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I have been through Latuda, Abilify, Haldol and now Amisulpride, and I have maintained weight for the last 4 years, and recently lost a lot.

It can be done, but usually at the expense of sexual hormonal problems, or movement disorders

Good luck with Caplyta. btw the GoodRX price is $1310 or so in my area of Ohio.

Anyway you could describe your experience with it? Sleep, thoughts, moods, cognition etc…?


sure ill update you.


how did it go with Caplyta?

I’ve seen commercials for it. Hope it works out for you.