Just got a major placebo effect off sarcosine!


Not saying it doesn’t work. Just saying 30 seconds after taking it I feel high! :joy:


Yes, that happened to me the first two days. 30 mins after taking sarcosine I was really hyped up, ready to take on the world. The effect died out gradually and was never to be seen again :cry:


Possibly you’re taking too high of a dose to start? When I take too much, it makes me high too.


:musical_note: We. Are. All on drugs! :musical_note:


I don’t really notice when I’m using it so much as now I notice when I forget a dose. Feels like I’m dragging a baby grand piano everywhere around behind me. Ugh.


That’s all I needed to hear,

I’m ordering right now…


How much sarcosine is too much? The literature says you should start with 1 gram which becomes the optimum dose for some people. You can go upto 2 grams which is the recommended dose of sarcosine.


Sarcosine is helping the empty feeling for me


I started with .5g for a week, then 1g for a week, then 2g from then on. I recently stepped back down to 1g because I was having trouble sleeping at night.