Just found a great new way to get exercise and meet people

It’s called ‘Strava.’

It’s basically a fitness tracker ‘on steroids.’ I just joined a cycling ‘club’ of 120 people in my area. I made an intro post yesterday and I’m getting some hits on it today.

It also does hiking, walking, swimming, and running; whatever you pleasure.

It tracks via GPS your route and elevation so it knows how hard you’ve been working. I have it on my PC and phone. You can upload your workout to a ‘club’ if you want to. From there you would get feedback and encouragement from other members; thumbs up types of things and comments on your workout. I’m pretty stoked. I’ve been having the hardest time meeting people since I moved to a different area. Hopefully this will be what I was looking for.

They’ll give you a free month trial which is what I’m on r n.

Anyway, just thought I’d share.


Oh, that’s cool. Thanks. I’ll give it a peep.


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yeah my mom uses strava when she runs.

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Oh wow. I’m glad it works for you. For me, intentionally being recorded and followed sounds truly awful. Like adding to my already awful nightmare I’m living in


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