I gotta go workout

tee hee, sounds funny coming from me. I hope I get to do the recumbent bike again. Last time I did 3.5 miles. I was so proud.


@Leaf can I just say it’s inspiring as hell to have watched your life over the past couple years. You decided you wanted to make a positive change, and then you just ran with it! I hope others are watching, so they can see that any time is a good time to start living the life you want to have.


@Leaf I’ve seen it too, How much work you’re putting in, How much growth you’re accomplishing.

It is inspiring knowing a peer has come so far, gives me some hope.

Keep it up! You’re doing amazing!


Thanks @ninjastar and @Ooorgle you guys are my bestest cheerleaders! I really appreciate the support, it’s hard to change so much.


thats such a good idea…a stationary bike is a really great way to get exercise during the winter months…i need to find a way to stay active and its too cold to run :S

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I’m in a program where I’m being taught all about fitness. Today I got taught how to use resistance bands to workout my muscles. I’m a little shaky after that. It’s cool. My fitness instructor sent me home with my own set of bands to get a good workout at home every other day.


within recent months ive tried working out on a daily basis, but hoenstly i always just come to the concusion that its better to spend my energy (since i have a limited amount) on doing chores…for not i just down some coffee ( im quite tired in the morning) then get through all the daily chores as many as i can and try to get activity that way…maybe i can do a controlled workout as well…idk …all i know is i have limited energy so i try to conserve it

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I worked out today. I was having a hard time on the track. Kept walking instead of running. I’ll get better. Just started working out. Only been a week. Good luck with your workout.


Do some laps for me.

I usually do about a half hour of yoga around 830 pm at night right before bed. But, today, I decided to do a half hour of yoga in the morning, right after my prayers and after watching the Mass on YouTube. This is going to be my new, daily routine now. I also do ten reps of Burpee’s along with my yoga sequence.

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@Sheryl good for you! Good luck to you as well.

That’s awesome @SkinnyMe, I grew up doing yoga apparently when I was a little girl, I tried doing that yoga they do at 102 degrees and I thought I was going to die. Talk about rapid detox.

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