Just filed taxes

I will get enough back to probably pay off my credit card bill. Anyone else file?


That’s awesome, I’m not filing this year cus I haven’t paid in

I filled and only got $300 back this time. I moved into the next income bracket by like $5 and bam they took $700 more dollars of taxes. It’s just so unfair.

I’m putting mine off. I wont get that much back anyway.

We’re getting 5k between federal and state. Only 700 less than last year, no earned income credit cause hubby alone made over the amount, which only lost us 137 bucks. And they said the money kids get from my SSDI didn’t have to be claimed as they’re under 18. We went to H&R block to have them done, just cause it’s easier. We’re getting 2k state back on the 22nd though, otherwise we’re ■■■■■■ cause kids have field trips and we just had a bunch of tests done on Kalick for flu testing and coronavirus. With insurance we’re still looking at a few hundred bucks, plus all the med Bills from last few years we’re still paying on.

I’ve been on a disability pension except for a brief period for 3 months or so since 2004. It’s non taxable income but you can’t really have a job on it. What that means is I’ve not paid tax for over a decade but more likely 12 years or so. Can’t complain as it works for me but I missed those tax times when I did work for getting a bit of money back. Really was handy.

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I think in the state I live in ssdi isn’t taxed on the state level.

But on the federal level they do t start taxing until $25,000 total income which ssdi counts towards.

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