SSDI and Taxes

I haven’t been working, my only income has been SSDI. I was wondering how you guys do your taxes in that situation. Do I just do nothing? Thanks for any advice.

If your only income is SSDI then you don’t have to pay income taxes. I don’t file have not for years.

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I am married so we file jointly, because of her income my SSDI does get taxed. While you do not have to pay income tax it probably isn’t a bad idea to file, or get claimed as a dependent if you live with someone. I would just say if you chose to file taxes, find somewhere that will do it for free like turbotax because you are exempt anyway.

I’m not sure how it works for SSDI but I know that here in Canada you have to file at least every 3 years even if you are not receiving taxable income. My son’s taxes are done every year. Again I don’t know taxes in the US but here in Canada we have GST/HST rebates etc and if you don’t file you won’t get it.

I don’t know where you are, but I’ve seen it here in my state and heard of it in others where a lot of Libraries will soon be setting up free tax help. You could keep your eye open and ask some one.

Do you have a case worker or maybe the DSHS would be able to answer in an e-mail.

Oddly, my kid sister did our taxes yesterday morning before all fury broke loose. I feel so dumb for not knowing what a 17 year old knows.

My husband and son have no idea how to do taxes. That’s my domain. There’s a reason why you can pay people to do them for you. :wink: It can be confusing.

Isn’t it weird that educators keep saying that males are better at math, yet most household finances and taxes are run by females? :smiley:

Just a ponder. I didn’t want to start a male/female debate.


Thanks for the replies everybody! It was helpful.

In South Africa we can submit our tax returns over the Internet through SARS e-filing system. It is very easy and user friendly. If you need to get money back from the revenue service it gets paid into your bank account two days after the electronic submission of your return.

In my state, some local senior centers do your taxes for the elderly and low income. I’m going this week.

We use TurboTax Deluxe to file our taxes. My SSDI gets taxed because my wife works, like another user said.

I live in California. I work part-time and get SSDI. Every year around December I get a letter from Social security that says how much SSDI I got for the year along with a short, 5 line form that I fill out to see if my SSDI for the year is taxable. It has NEVER been taxable.

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You’re very welcome.