Does anyone here know anything about taxes?

Would my son’s SSDI that I received last year before he turned 18 count on his taxes? I’m confused because they sent me his 1099.

No, it doesn’t count if he is under 18. I had the same deal with my kids, and that’s what my CPA told me.

So now that he’s working and will be filing taxes for that job he doesn’t have to include what I got for him for SSDI?

Correct. 151515

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Thank you very much

I’d double check with a CPA, just to be sure, but that is what I was told.

We’ve had to claim our kids benefits thru my SSDI on on our taxes since 2010, so while it may not be counted, you should present th he forms to your tax preparer. We got dinged 2800 cause our Hr Block guy didn’t input the numbers on the form, took away out tax return the next year even though we only made 45k as a married couple. When in doubt, put it on the forms! I get 9k a year in SSDI, kids gets 84 dollars a month each.

We now pay the extra 40 bucks so if HR Block screws up. They have to pay the ■■■■■■■ Lesson learned.

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ok thank you for your response

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