Just felt like shit

Yesterday after my work I was feeling like ■■■■,I think it’s depression it lasted for 2 hr but luckily it all went pass,I hope I don’t get this again it’s scary

sorry u felt like that hunni. i try not to let myself slide into depression but it can b difficult at times. feel for u xxx

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I have had mornings where I feel like ■■■■ but not evenings. That’s curious. Maybe its my meds, I feel very sedated when I wake up. I usually go outside and smoke a cigarette first thing in the morning, and I usually dont have the energy to stand and have to sit. Then I make coffee and once I drink it I perk up, actually perk way up, I go from sedated while smoking the first cigarette of the day to pacing around when I go smoke again. Weird how caffeine has such an effect on me.

And get this- I’ve recently gotten into powerlifting. Yes, lifting nearly three times my weight, that stuff. All I need to go to the gym is a couple scoops of a preworkout supplement and I get really amped up.

But it’s scary to slip up, I took my meds off schedule the other day and I felt pretty messed up, but I wasnt psychotic, just felt really weird and anxious and couldnt think too clearly.

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sorry you were feeling that way, glad you are better now.
take care

Thx bro,it’s a good advice

Thank you ver much,I hope I get better daily