I've never felt this way before

I don’t know what it is but I’ve never felt this way before. I feel like I’ve unlocked my brain. Or maybe its that I know everything there is to know. I feel ok. I don’t feel a sense of doubt. I feel like I could wake up tomorrow and not worry and be happy. Every thing feels great. Them only thing that is wrong is that I know that I will lose it. I will fall asleep and all will be lost. I will change my mind or something. I just wish that I could keep this feeling. I wish I could stop. Its so unfair that a moment of clarity and understanding and happiness is so bizarre to a person like me. When in the real world a moment of confusion and panic with hallucinations should be so bizarre. I really am on the other side of the mirror.


Yeah, I’ve gone through that. Good days where everything seems right and you just want it to last. You just have to enjoy it while you can.

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thats really good news that you are feeling good and i hope that you can keep that feeling forever,

i find that staying positive and optimistic is the best way to help maintain our mental health, i realize that can be a hard for a lot of us to do tho.

With SZ and other mental illnesses, but especially with SZ, the way we feel fluctuates all of the time. Some moments are filled with clarity and a feeling of some stability, while the very next moment is filled with instability, anxiety and pain - cherish this time of feeling fine, more of these posotive feelings are sure to come your way

Its good to have insight like you are talking about, but I have got to say that meds are a necessity for us. I went without meds and highly functioned for almost 2 years, and I regret it. Meds have me stabilized and the side effects are manageable for me. I dont mean to be that guy who just says “get on meds”

I just want you to know that I have felt similar to what you are describing and meds really helped me.

I’ve had the same experience many times before and am having it at this very moment actually.
I kwow it’s sad to think you’re going to lose it, but do not worry about that, it will come back again, trust me. But be sure to stay on meds no matter how better you’ve come to feel. I guess it’s the key to maintain the good feeling as often as possible.
As this good feeling comes often enough, you’ll start to feel it as normal and it’s what you deserve, and you will eventually be able to leave all the bizarre phenomena behind.

I’ve discovered that unfortunately, as much as I want those moments of relief to last, I can’t force it. I can’t make those good times last. They’re very fleeting.

Those moments of clarity are great…mine can be moments or even several days at a time. What i do is remember back to them when i don’t feel that way. I write things down when i am in those moments of insight and then will read over them, because on occasion i’ll read something i wrote 10 years ago and it will bring back clarity like that.