Does it ever scare you?

just how well meds can work. A few hours ago I was not thinking I was going to make it through today and I better just hide in bed and try and ignore my head and try not to sort of loose it… breathe, and calm down. Glitches and thought blocking and a some circus chatter… coming my way… cue the music. :circus_tent:

But now, after breakfast, after the meds, after only one coffee, I feel level again.

I am really glad they work. But sometimes I sort of trick myself into thinking I’m getting better and feeling better under my own power. Then something like this happens and I get a little sad in thinking… No, it’s still the meds.

Oh well, at least something works. I’m grateful for that. I’d like to think my positive thinking makes a difference in there somewhere…


I agree. For me, my magic potion is Haldol. Makes me do a 180 in about 30 minutes.

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I was really surprised that Latuda worked so well for me. I had been resistant to all the atypicals. And Clozaril was my last hope. When I had to stop taking Clozaril, I was sure that I’d be debilitated by my symptoms again.

Then, my awesome psychiatrist tried Latuda on me, and it was magical. And it’s still working it’s magic on me today! I’m very thankful for good meds. And good doctors!



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i’ve not been off meds long enough to know the difference to be honest. i find it difficult to tell bcoz when i took tablets i sometimes didn’t take them and i don’t know whether i was worse or not. as i believe that my “illness” is hypnotically induced i don’t think that meds do a whole lot though i’m willing to try them all to see if i’m right. when u wake up with love bites on ur breasts and have no memory of having received them and ur husband says he didn’t do it then something is very wrong. when u manage to get pregnant without having sex and your bedroom looks like a war zone you know that uv been raped again. no. i’m not ill. i’ve just responded to hypnotic triggers. to both forget and to become “ill” this way i’m not a credible witness in any trial that may or may not happen.

Give some credit to the coffee and breakfast, too. I’m a different person a\when I can depend on food.


i think it is your mr. bond charisma …and the coffee…!
take care

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