Ive lived 70 years

im only 21, but ive lived 70 years perception wise. if i live to 50 ill have experienced about 700 years worth of life



I’m 58, and sometimes I realize my time is passing. I have mixed feelings about that. In a way, it would be a relief to die and have all the stress go away.

I’m an old soul too!

That isn’t a bad thing. I didn’t start really living as a human being till I was 29 and I got on antipsychotics. Before that I had some success but I was pushing shite up hill.

I’m 47. I feel about that so it all catches up to you eventually.

Schizoprhenia isn’t easy. It really isn’t but it’s something you grow from. I think I’m a better person going through the pain I have…I know it’s small consulation…but for me medication was a turning point in my life!"

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I’m an actual 73 but I feel like a baby.


I feel like I’m 200.

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When someone in California fly’s across the country to the east coast, he loses 3 hours due to the time change. But when a dog fly’s coast to coast, he doesn’t just lose three hours, he loses like a week and a half due to the whole dog years thing. Just sayin.


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