I've had real crap luck in love

Seriously. First of all the last (and only) time I dated a guy who I actually really liked I was in 6th grade. How sad is that. And it ended terribly. And then my second relationship I didn’t really like the guy all that much but we were already friends and I didn’t really see any reason NOT to say yes when he asked me out, you know? And that was in 7th grade. And then after that it was just one unrequited love (ok more like infatuation but whatever) after another until my trash relationship my senior year of hs where my bf was cold and basically treated me like garbage. My whole romantic history has been me having crushes on guys who barely had me on their radar or guys who liked someone else or were already in a relationship even. Right now the guy I’m interested in is in a serious relationship. I just feel like all the good guys are taken.

Been feeling really bummed out lately about it. I really want a boyfriend. I’ve been single 4 years now. I’m just sick of it. Sorry for ranting about this again but it’s been freshly brought up since the other day the guy I have interest in was talking about his girlfriend and special things he had planned for her birthday :disappointed: People are getting engaged around me and I’ve never even had a serious relationship in my life.


some time we except to much in are relationships to build on that take time we feel we do not have.

I think another issue is that with today’s culture, the guys my age who are actually sweet/good are too nervous to approach girls because they’re worried about being seen as creepy or as harassers. So if you want those guys now you have to approach them yourself. But I am not a forward person and have a lot of trouble openly expressing interest in someone, I’ve always been that way. So it’s a bad situation.

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My love life is zero as of now. So I feel ya having really had anyone in my life for a good amount of time.
Gotta get out there back fishing though.

Unless your at work or do social activities or have a boat load of friends the chances of meeting people in the modern world are pretty slim unless your overly aggressive.

Lonliness sucks. Big part of me going psychotic was an extreme lonliness. I didn’t have a chance at a decent relationship till on meds and I was over 30. No chance before the meds.

Try internet dating. Plenty of sites. Some cost nothing but seem to be pick up markets. Do your research. You at least find others who are interested in meeting. I know it’s all hard to take those steps but if your struggling in an aspect of your life then try something different!

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I relate, except that most guys my age are married with a kid or two. After all the fighting I saw between my mom and husbands 1-3 I don’t want to get married. But a steady girlfriend would be nice. That might require me to get a job and keep it. I don’t know if I can do either one. I know it’s basically from evolution. Women who had the tendancy to seek out providers were more likely to have offspring that survived.

I wish I could find someone like me. But that’s like finding a needle in a haystack. I don’t think I’d want a woman with a job as long as I don’t have one because she might not see me as an equal. Probably wouldn’t.

I gave up on Tinder. That was like prolonged silent rejection. Maybe there was no awkward verbal exchange but I still felt terrible with no matches at all. Not that I was really surprised at all. It still hurts.