I've been hospitalized for the 5th time and met some new friends!

Hey this is Jess 27,
I started to hear voices telling me to kill people and myself. I was homicidal and suicidal also. It was stupendous! Note the sarcasm. While I was there therre was a host of characters such as a woman who my friend(chick who had blue hair and tats) and myself debated whether there was 10 planets. An Alzeheimer’s doped up man who nobody couldn’t decipher what he what he was saying. He had no visitors. I felt so bad for him. He belonged in a nursing home, not a behavioral health center. There was a woman who was a food tray thief, who didn’t want her blood pressure taken again, and she tore up books. I’m so happy I got the ■■■■ out of that place! Oh I forgot to mention there was a girl who threatened to kill us all. Oh, I’m on Invega Sustena which is so awesome because I only have to take it once a month. They also upped my Zoloft to 150 mg.

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I’m glad you’ve meade some freinds, I never did as I moved back home after discharge. Mixed blessing I guess.

I’m glad that they have got you on meds that agree with you, often they try and give you their favroute med! Do you get brain zaps on Sertraline(Zoloft)?

Zoloft gives me painful shocks in the back of my head I know that. I also have ADHD and I have migraines as well. I think I have seizures as well. Invega also slurs my words and my thoughts are sluggish as ■■■■, So the doctor gave me Cogentin,

In my Psych Ward experiences I’ve met a number of interesting people. I met a prostitute who was drying out before she was taken to jail and was bragging about having sex for over $1,000 at a time. One of my nieces unfortunately was visiting when she made that claim and said “Gee that’s a lot of money.” Fortunately my brother was there and said, “Look where she is right now” and that ended such ideas. It was a bit insulting to me but I’m glad he did it. Oh and there were other interesting characters. I saw a man leaning against a chair because he was drying out from cocaine withdrawal and looked like he was about to collapse and very miserable (during the first visit the place was just a detox facility and I had a bad reaction to Abilify and I was the only mentally ill person there that I noticed). On later visits more recently after they combined the addicts with the mentally ill I met more people like me. There were plenty of folks at one place who were homocidal and suicidal. My roommate was starving himself because he was afraid of gaining weight on the antipsychotics and believed the Bible only allowed him to drink coffee. He would lie there and say “I’m so hungry that I’m suffering but it’s a good thing to suffer.” He had attacked a staff member at another facility. Another guy, who had a messed up nose, showed me the Serenity Room where they played music from local radio stations.(It was in Memphis so they had good music)… Another guy was a foul mouthed old man who got kicked out for fighting. Another guy was openly admitting that he wanted to kill his ex-wife and let his kids pick up his life insurance (I bet he’s still there). At another visit there were some women. One had attacked her father and was therefore homeless. It was a shame because her former profession was the same as one of my nieces and she was quite beautiful looking. The other women talked about the men that had done them wrong. Being about the only guy there all I could do was keep my mouth shut. I did have a decent time with those ladies but I had a feeling if I hooked up with any of them they’d be talking about me at some future time as the man that did them wrong. Then I spent a last session with a bunch of guys. One was manic and was telling his life story out loud. We watched basketball together but overall I was hallucinating badly and was exhausted and don’t remember their stories. By that time I was more focused on not going to a Psych Ward again as long as I could help it. Many people there were frequent visitors and I had become a 4 time visitor in less than a year after only going to the Detox Center once in the first 22 years after being diagnosed. I have been out of those places 11 months and while it was interesting I’m in no hurry to come back.

I’ve been hospitalized 8 or 9 times. One stay lasted 8 months. I was friendly with certain people, but I rarely made friends. Some people liked me, but most people were indifferent towards me. I was hospitalized with many characters.

The short, plain, unremarkable little man who I would always see in the back corners of the hospital making out with different women. It always mystified me as to how this guy got women to make out with him when he was not good looking and rarely talked to anyone. Oh well, everybody has a gift, right?

Than there was one of the guys I shared a room with. He came from a family with money and was given his own Porshe as a present when he was in high school. I remember that he used to sit on his bed and make collages and mount then on the wall. He took a liking to me and tried to help me be more active during the days in the hospital.

He once offered to let me be a partner in his Christmas tree business he had. We were in California but every year about a month before Christmas, he used to rent a semi-truck, drive it up to Oregon and fill it with cheap Christmas trees and drive back to California and sell them for double of what he payed for them. I was a bit suspicious about the whole plan but I told my dad about it and he thought it would be a good thing for me to do. I never really followed up on it though.