Mental hospitalizations experiences

Heres some back drop info I was recently discharged from Alaska psychiatric institute. The experience watching others bellow out and pain mentally from others was severe.

Your condition can actually become worse once admitted. There are people in there going or went thru much more turmoil than me in their lives.

One mother was in there because she said she had to bury her child. She spoke with me because one guy in there kept stalking her. One guy would pace the hallway for hours. Then you have the quick cases where someone gets admitted and is ready to discharge in a day.

What was it like for you during your stay? And do you have any particular things that you remember about your experience?

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The first time I made a ton of friends, but the psychiatrist was an ■■■■■■■. The most common diagnosis was depression or PTSD. Almost all of us had experienced severe trauma. I had a good time (well for being involuntarily hospitalized that is). The second place I went to they ran the place like a prison. I was catatonic most of the time. They had to sedate me. I was told I was going to stay longer, and I had a total meltdown because they wouldn’t let me use the phone or let me see the social worker. I was straight up screaming at the nurses saying 'This is ■■■■■■■ barbaric! ■■■■ off!" and then they threatened to put me in the Quiet Room.

They were just bluffing about holding me longer to see how I would react because they let me out the next day :slight_smile:

Yeah, you can always meet interesting people in hospitals.
It’s nice to talk and share life stories as it helps passing the time and most of folks get stabilized in a few days so they can talk about their issues.
There was a few suicidal women with abusive husbands, one of them has been hospitalized for more than 20 times - she would talk much and fast and smoked really a lot.
There was a 14 yrl old junkie girl who would hang on the phone for the whole day.
There was only one girl with sz when I was 2nd time inward, and they said she steals and drinks shampoon, so everyone have to hide it. She came with the weird look in her eyes and didn’t talk much but as the time passed she started socializing more. I feel so sorry for not talking to her more.

I have been forced to stay in a ward a couple of times and hated it. They did not do anything but lock me up and drug me. No help at all. I had psychosis because of traumatic experiences and drug withdrawal and they refused any trauma therapy or help withdrawing meds. They did not even have a psychologist or social worker there and blocked my access to one.

I still believe I would have been better now, had I gotten the right help in the beginning of my illness.

Some other patients were the ones helping me the most. I had some good contact with others and that was what helped me recover.

Yeah, we would always advice each other and give opinions on our personal troubles …
Much like here, as the matter of fact, only face to face.

I was that guy for a while.

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There were a few angry at the staff for good merit. Lots would huddle around the front desk. Most of them antsy. I had two different room mates. I watched discharge before me. And it was like painful but I was happy for them.

I was hospitalized for two days three months ago after staying out the hospital for 25 years. I ain’t afraid to admit that it was scarier than hell and not at all pleasant in there. There was much violence and screaming. I slept in a dorm room with 10 other guys and from the looks of them I was afraid someone would murder me in my sleep.

There was a guy two beds down from me who I judged to be homeless who flipped out one night 6 feet away from me. The orderlies woke him up at 9:30 pm to tell him something and I guess he was scared and he lost it and started screaming and howling. It took six burly orderlies to subdue him and take him to the isolation room. I could here him screaming in violent, scared, anguish until I fell asleep an hour later. A couple of the women were even a little bit scary.

I’ve been in nice wards before but that wasn’t one of them. I talked to a couple of people in there but I mostly tried to remain low key. But there was one guy who kept bugging the staff and being a jerk and strutting around threatening people and telling everybody that they were nothing to him until one amiable looking guy finally snapped and attacked the jerk and beat him down to the ground and whaled on him for a little while until the nurses could subdue him and pull him off of the guy. I have to admit, I got a little pleasure from seeing that happen.

Responsibility is a big thing in life. Conquering your own will excel you.

I got a job with local mental care for a while doing annual reviews for the committed ones in nursing homes (is privatized in my state and state hospitals closed to save $$$). While working these, pdoctor explained how to get yourself locked up. Anyone confrontational with pdoctor or even too constructive about criticism will be called in for ‘arrested’ in front of their neighbors to be admitted to mental hospital on psych hold at their own expense. These are ‘attitude adjustment’ weekends. If you are current with your mental care, just call the pdoc and he/she will get you out within a couple days.

Can get longer stays by losing your cool in court, pissing off attorney or being considered nuisance by cops. Local psych out intervention officer scares off a lot of new ones who are having stuff stolen from locked up houses probably due to copying keys at local hardware store without watching the employee. If cops are called for theft or lots of broken property, cop tries to figure out where your income is coming from and if SSDI, he will tell you that you are very ill and need to be hospitalized. These psych evaluations last months sometimes for a normal acting one who usually loses job and housing, thus moving them from neighborhood. Watched over dozen families fall prey to this when they just moved here, and the cop scared them out within a couple weeks and told they could not sell the house due to old work permits never obtained by previous resident…No attorney will get involved and not media is interested.

You should NEVER call cops unless you had enough stuff stolen to need a police report for theft because you hit your renter’s insurance deductible and insurance company wants police report. I highly recommend you tell the cops you work at Walmart or factor in next town if questioned about your income.

Otherwise, met Mrs. shrink who was locked up for calling her husband a crook, had parental rights challenged and could be a nut or a mom. Shrink is Muslim so can be a bit harsh to women anyway IMHO. WATCH FOR THIS SCAM! My in-laws who work in mental care did not care to help me at all but they saved multiple friends as they knew what goes wrong living here…I don’t go near the family pdocs any longer after finding out some really sleazy, unsettling stuff
and I don’t want any part of it.

Lady locked up 8 times as her husband is guardian and wants her disability check so won’t let her divorce him, when she did not come home from overnight dates cheating he would have her arrested. County clinic just gave her back to husband…This one acts totally normal btw, probably not even hearing it much. WATCH FOR THIS SCAM!

Lady who answered job ad for country job and found out this job ruined multiple people. Went shopping in poor town, new voices started, someone ruined all her belongings at home, she got called crazy, put on disability, drug dealer latched on and cops would lock her up in mental hospital to shut her up if arguing. WATCH FOR THIS SCAM!

Answer door to cops with machete will get you in trouble.

Kid of wealthies who were moving their business to town started psychosis. Parents did not like how kid was behaving as gang stalking and DRAMA makers are normal for that city. Parents turned out to have no clue about the local climate so business rival decided to screw these wealthies to get their business. Pdoc agreed to keep the kid until he turned 18 so he could just stay out of it. Local girl latched onto him so he will know local goings on. This kind of story really explains why you need local business guidance and connections before you move a business as this big a business deal riding on this one executive will probably ruin him, cannot hope for NORMAL any longer I’m afraid. Need to already figure out ‘politics’ and your nose is BROWN all the way down to city hall & likely customers before you even try this. I mean, even moving alone & female has made prostitutes lately as normal enough guy latches on, then insists you swing…some get the woman fired to pressure her further.

Hated seeing black lady about 2 weeks from delivery of her baby sitting up all night for a week at the state mental hospital, then learn she will probably have to deliver unassisted after being up for couple weeks. Hated wondering if this was considered ‘drug test’.

Been a while for me (the last time I was in a psych ward there was no such thing as WiFi), but the experiences were positive, even if I didn’t feel they were at the time. Hospitals are a safe place to get the dents banged out of your head in a hurry. I’m very grateful to the staff in those places who helped me when I wasn’t at my best.


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