Came out of hospital today

Been in for 6 days and went straight from casualty to psych ward. It was an easy admission therefore. And I was discharged early too - before 12pm. But it was a real challenge. I had to contend with a chatterbox then when she left this lady came who was really out of it. She approached me at least 30 times and other three ladies until the security ladies had to order her back to her bed. One night I woke up at 2am and she was standing like a ghost over my bed. Boy did she unnerve me! Fortunately the next night they restrained her to her bed so we all slept peacefully.

The psych ward is one big prison-like cell with security ladies at the door and six beds and a tv. Nothing else. No activities, no occupational therapy, nothing. No clock even. I didn’t know the time the whole time i was there. Time was forever!

Meanwhile, I had three crying episodes - one in front of a pdoc who had to ask the nurse to sedate me. Alien was tormenting me to kill my beloved husband and I wanted to cut.

Then my meds were adjusted on Sunday and I made a quick recovery. So they discharged me today. Im so happy to be home as we are moving house on Saturday and I need to prepare.

Yay! I’m back! :smile:


Oh yes, and they like my old pdoc also think I have sza, although their discharge form said 'depressive disorder, unspecified" But i had a talk with the two pdocs and they think sza as well as the psych social worker.

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Where are you from? That’s awful that there was no therapy or anything. I would have freaked out finding someone standing over my bed! Glad you’re out!!!

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I hope the med change works out. From what I remember you were on a sub therapeutic dose for ages though.

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I’m glad you got your med change. It makes sense that you’d have increased symptoms before moving. That’s a really stressful thing to do, and when I moved, it made my symptoms worse, too.

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I am glad that you finally got to come back home!!
I would freak out if i woke up to a stanger standing over me too(nurse or not)

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Yes it was freaky lol! :laughing:

Yes my meds were increased to 400mg amisulpride and 10mg olanzapine

Good to see you around Saadiqa.

Sounds like a awful hospital you were in.

I hope changes will be made to improve those hospitals that are still so bad.

Such a big difference depending what the hospital and staff are like.

I think olanzapine was a good medication for me.calming.only side effect I noticed was weight gain.

Glad you are feeling better.

Maybe the hospital where you move to will be better.

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Thanks @SacredNeigh7
Actually where I moved to is closer to the hospital I was in! Its a public hospital and also a general one not only psychiatric so they obviously don’t have the funds to improve the psych ward. For some who are not well after 72 hour observation period they get sent to the public psych hospital. I was fortunate to get better soon so they could discharge me.


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