This is Jess again and I've been readmitted recently for the 3rd time. Yay! Sarcasm


it’s been awhile and I recently went to the wonderful mercy behavioral health center in Ohio. It’s like the nurses don’t care about the patients, they just ask if you’re hearing voices or you suicidal (I was suicidal for the second time) and just give you your medication.

One nurse knowing I showed her that I have seizures (photsensitive, musicogenic,and random) if I stood under fluorescent lights, so I showed her and I had a seizure. You know what she did later on we had a group therapy with a therapist( I told her that I have seizures because of the fluorescent lights and she dimmed them) with and the same nurse that we all believed had a nose job turned the lights on saying it was too dark in here, when she saw that my arm was jerking she turned them back down and asked me “is that better” because I was about to leave.

Before that I didn’t feel safe because one patient lets call him Brad, he had to be bipolar because he was on seroquel, and he randomly started to do pushups right across from me while I was on the phone, he made loud noises like blet blet blet, he screamed Turn Down for What, he said panty dropper and took offf his underwear.

Then there was this woman lets call her Charlotte that followed me around, asked me if she should take her high blood pressure medication, and while I was on the phone she asked me if I difficuly breathing like her.

She paced the hallways for hours and she cried a lot. They should of placed her in a different section for more severe cases, but they didn’t have one. Each day when I wasn’t feeling better I looked at the window and said “I really want to jump out the window”. I also heard voices Later when my meds were adjusted from Geodon to Latuda and they increased my Effexor XR I started to feel better.

Then I started to look at the window for the beautiful sunrise.But the thing that got me admitted to the hospital in the first place was Keppra (anti-seizure medicine) that causes suicidal thoughts and when I came out I felt suicidal again and I was screaming and hitting things.

Oh I made some friends from the hospital and I started to hang out with one of them. We saw Hunger Games Mocking Jay part 1 together and we talked about things. I never had friends before because

I was going through some ■■■■ during middle school and high school (physical abuse by my step dad and my Dad). I hated high school.

Thank You for whoever read this post. I apologize for it being so long.


Hope you are doing better. Me too made a friend in hospital. But we are only facebook friends now. She is bipolar. We had a lot of fun when admitted.


I was in there for 6 months. She was there twice during that time. Made time go faster.


What was your old screen name?


Hi Jess,

I love reading long posts, so no need for any apologies.

I am glad that you’ve made new friends from the hospital that you were staying at. It definitely takes a lot to stay there (at least for me it would). I’m kind of a puss when it comes to hospitals. I’m also glad that you found a nurse that understands.

“Charlotte” sounds like an interesting person. Last time I was in the hospital, the nurse that had to sit in my room (Suicide Prevention Team) actually thanked me for more or less being a verbal mute. She said that she’s seen one woman that came in and she apparently just screamed for hours until she lost her voice entirely. She wouldn’t talk to anyone, nor would she stop screaming… just loud, solid scream… for hours upon end. Interesting, isn’t it? It takes a lot of energy for me to even whisper in someone’s direction, let alone screaming in that manner.

I definitely hated high school, also. Most high school kids are tools.

Hopefully you’re doing better. It is a pleasure to meet you.


Hey 77nick77,
My username was and still is Jess.


Oh,OK, there’s a member from Australia who’s named Jess but she hasn’t been here for quite awhile. I got you mixed up with her.