It's way past time for me to die

Because I’ve I wanted to since I was 20. It came to me in a dream then. I was in the relative security of college. I didn’t understand the significance of the dream because it was such a simple truth. All the anger left me and didn’t reappear until someone convinced me it wasn’t alright for someone so young to be ready to die. So I lost my mind. Dementia, a mental death. Forget it. That’s my cure, just forget it.

They said my ticker would get me by age forty. Just turned fifty-two.

Hah, can’t get me suckers.

Sudden death overtime can be fun as I’ve found out.


One of my great great grandma’s lived to age 105. So I might be around for a while.



Sez you.



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I’m roadrunner :smile: he always escapes :sweat_smile:

I’m roadkill.

As usual.

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No no. You da bomb :sunglasses::dash:

And I mean that by your a cool dude. Get it, you da bombbb


I refuse to die I want to observe this world til it ends

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I’m only 33 right now and have no joy in living anymore. There is nothing left to be curious about. I can’t work, can focus on hobbys and do not want to be in a relationship. I’m having a hard time, it’s just a drag to continue living.

I decided I want to die around twenty too. Hanging didn’t go too well and there is no skyscrapers. So I decided if I can’t perform a fifteen minutes task of hanging in six years, then I never will. I still plan to keep the noose where it is for a while longer.

Death will come soon enough. Now it’s time to focus on living. Don’t assume that things can’t get better. A lot of people get less symptoms with age.

The odds against us aren’t that bad. If you dream about winning the lottery, I can assure you that there is a lot greater chance of getting better or maybe even cured from mental illness.

Gotta stay positive.

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I don’t expect myself to live past my 40s.

I wish I can tell my genetic disease to get a life.

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Why is this in “Health and Recovery”?

This topic is almost depressing…

I also thought my life was no longer worth living but I found the strength to keep going. It does get better if you keep believing.

What we lack most of the time is a sense of purpose. Something to make us feel motivated, useful, appreciated etc. You name it.

I am still working on finding my life’s main purpose. Maybe there isn’t one. But in the meantime I want to learn stuff, to discover, to earn money, to be there for my aging parents, to love a woman…

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@Andrey, I should have mentioned my age. I’m 76.

Please call 911 if you’re in the U.S. If not, please call your pdoc or go to your nearest emergency room asap. You are in severe danger. Don’t waste time. Please get help. ALERT all mods.

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Haha, relax. I appreciate it. My psychosis is much reduced lately. Maybe I will pull through. I am in contact with people that help, although not professional.

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i feel the exact same way.why bother living if im not happy.and i dont enjoy anything.