I call you young kids "Tab" because

it means temporarily able bodied. You, too, will get old like me someday. Your youthfulness is only temporary. Enjoy while you have the time. :upside_down_face:


yea true… don’t stay young forever… i am 40 now and i’m realizing i’m getting old. My voices used to tell me i wouldn’t live after 34 but it wasn’t true i guess…

How long to you figure you’ll live, now?

i’m not sure… maybe around 70 but i might get older. How long you’ll live you think @chordy ?

I don’t think much past 80, now. That gives me 3 more years which is enough to think about.

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enjoy those years =)


I want to live past a hundred years old, i want a good healthspan.

I hope my body forgives me for the years of reckless self treatment.

I think it will


TAB is the worst soda ever. Yuck!



What is youth if you are severely mentally ill? I’m waiting for my death date. Maybe Clozapin will help me. But I don’t want anything anymore and I turn 34 this year. I’m done with my life, unable to commit suicide, ’cause of the fear of surviving it.

You are not a thing, unable to change. You can heal.


I hope to be able bodied up to the day of my death, whenever that is, because I plan on doing yoga my entire life. @chordy . And I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs. And I regularly exercise, eat nutritiously and sleep well every night.

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So you want to be struck down all at once instead of slowly dying.

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There are things I have never been able to do.

There are things I can no longer do.

There are things I can still do that I enjoy.

There are things left to try that could be fun.

It’s all good.

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Yes, I would rather be struck down.

I will keep my youthfullness in my mind til I die, my body is already failing at 31, my back has gone out 4 times in the last 11 years, most of my 20’s was spent in hospitals and being on meds and chronic pain. So I’m used to pain and being limited but I will stay positive and laugh at 69 and farts as long as I’m alive.


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