Are we ready for a name change for schizophrenia?


Why? It’s just a name that describes something, changing it won’t change anything…


yea i also have my doubts that changing the name will change anything.


I don’t mind the name.
Why bother change it?
I like it. It’s a nice greek word.


I agree with the three of you. Unless there’s an attitude change any alternative name will sooner or later become just as stigmatised.


Changing the name will accomplish nothing. Whatever they change the name to, once people realize what it means, they will just stigmatize the new name like they do the old name.

They’ve changed the name of other things and it made no difference. George Carlin did a bit on this…

Trevor Noah on The Daily show said the same thing. A long time ago kids with learning problems were called morons, then ret*rded (Then it was not a slur but meant “held back” or “less advanced”), then when I was younger they were called special, now it is developmentally disabled. The names keep changing but the way people feel about those people stays the same. I can’t find a clip on YouTube though.

What we need to do is change peoples attitude, not the name, which seems an almost impossible task,


I disagree… The name schizophrenia has become related to so many degredations that the title of our illness can only improve


I’ve said this over and over, yes a name change could eventually lessen the stigma.
Schizophrenia means ‘split mind’ WTF does this indicate?

Schizoaffective is another nonsense diagnosis.
It should be changed to Bipolar with psychotic features, or psychotic depression.

So sick of all these psychiatric labels.
Even my psychiatrist is disgusted.

Let’s get real folks.


I have salieance syndrome

I actually preferred the term “paranoid psychosis”, which i got told i had at 19 - but then thats not entirely accurate either.

At the end of the day - whatever you call what we have - i reckon it will just develop its own stigma anyway.


Great clip, @LordHeadspark.

Good point as well.

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Does anyone else think that “neuro-emotional integration disorder” sounds even more stigmatizing?

call it…how much is it worth

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I was diagnosed with, how much is it worth …lol

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I vote for “Carl.”

In all seriousness though, changing the name to something different might help to shed some stigma.

But at the end of the day, if the general public isn’t educated in regards to this illness, I feel the stigma will remain.


I would rename it the Accidental Shaman Syndrome, but I doubt the DSM will be much impressed.


this publication has been watching us!!

I agree with @totton

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Usually I’m very much against changing names for political reasons, but there is something awful about the word schizophrenia, i don’t know what, phonetics?

For once i would like the word changed to something like @Naarai proposed. Psychotic disorder or something like that.

I hate the first two syllables “schi-zo” i dont mind “phrenia.”


Carl +1.
Maybe Lenny?