Can anybody think of an alternative medical name to replace the term schizophrenia

Im just curious of what better name could replace the term schizophrenia. Its somewhat stignatised. Yes there is a campaign out there to change the name to salience syndrome but I don’t think that’s a good name as it brings up connotations of salivating at the mouth. Anyway, can anyone think of a good name to replace schizophrenia. A name that is both sympathetic and makes the schizophrenic appear attractive as a person. Personally I don’t think the name has to be a exact definition like salience syndrome. It can be just a made up name.

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Well, to my friends I use the term “psychosis” instead, which is a bit lighter than “sz”. They usually don’t know what a psychosis includes, so, I prefer that kind of term. But if someone could tell us a better name, that would be welcome.


Something that popped into my head was ‘psycholuminary’. I googled it and I found someone using the term. I’m posting from a phone, so sorry no link.

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Another thought… Psychoalumnus, meaning someone who ‘graduated’ from psychosis.

I think the term they use in Japan is Adjustment Disorder.

Anything with the beginning psycho- is bad. Adjustment disorder makes me think of a child having a hard time adjusting to school or divorce or puberty.

I think unless you change public attitudes any negativity will eventually transfer to the new name.

I think “split reality syndrome” makes the most sense. Schizo means split, phrenia means mind (basically) but our minds are shattered, not just split.

I think it should be called split reality syndrome because we have our version of reality and also reality itself at the same time, and they intersect at some point, the point of sanity.

Mouse has spoken.


Anything with split- leads to the ‘split personality’ confusion with dissociative disorder/MPD. The split is actually between thought and emotion, not reality in the classic sense for schizophrenia if I recall correctly.

It’s tough to be fully positive for something that is a disorder. You usually have to use prefixes like mal- or dis- or mis- to negate the meaning of other roots.

I like the Japanese term of integration disorder


Integration…that’s it! I said “adjustment.” My mistake. :smile:

Sorry. Didn’t mean to correct you! Didn’t see your original post.

i like integration disorder too. i akso like the new theories of parts of the brain being both awake and in r.e.m states at the same time. hyper-r.e.m disorder is ok too :slight_smile:


Interesting about the REM while awake. It may explain the issues sz dxed have with tracking eye movements.

oooh didn’t even think of that correlation…nice one @Maggotbrane!

in the top 3 worst sufferings, so the name is ‘‘mental cripeled’’

lives by their own self invented belief system .

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“alternative name to replace the term schizophrenia”

-From our view, for many reasons it is hard to have that
1- Remember that,the psychiatrists were adapted term “schizophrenia”
to hid the public term “madness”,so what is goal of new name for sz ?
2-There is boundless argument about the nature of sz,it is medical condition or
psychological experience or social/familial issues or else ,so that you should say;
" an identical name to replace the term schizophrenia ",because some of us believe that
the sz is not medical condition in nature

3- To have identical name for sz
,the important request,the connotation meaning of the new name must gives the schizophrenic an identical description to his inner condition ,and the conceptual meaning of the new name gives the general reader a correct theoretical description match the connotation meaning !
4-The new name must indicates to one of following;
-the nature of condition
-the cause
-nature of the symptom
-nature of the results and its effect on person’s behavior through
the time of daily life events

I think the scientists have not full agreement or knowledgeable about sz
to adapt identical name
For example, the gene is the cause of term “genetic diseases”
virus is the cause of the term “viral diseases”
but what is cause of schizophrenia ?
there is a big argument around the cause of sz !



it certainly makes sense of the complex characters our minds come up with. when we dream we often dream of people we both know and don’t know. they walk, see, feel, can converse on any topic, can taste, smell, as can we, so if our minds are still in r.e.m. state whilst awake it explains everything. think of visual hallucinations. when we dream we can come up with all sorts of animate things and we see them with our eyes and our minds so why would it be any different if our minds are both awake and in r.e.m. sleep. voices would be simply characters we have created, hence the reason so many people either hear the same voices they do while awake and/or dream about them as real people. for some it would be a waking nightmare, for others a pleasant dream. what it also explains is the fantastical element of certain psychoses and avolition. if half your brain is asleep the last thing you’ll be dong is running around full of energy. lack of motivation dosn’t accurately describe it if the r.e.m. theory holds to be true. it’s more like half my brain is asleep and when i’m asleep i don’t generally move too much. what it fails to explain however are the common themes found in certain psychoses. like being the son of god, the government monitoring you. it does adequately explain however the thought broadcasting delusion as these complex characters are very real personas created by a dreaming mind. in order to make sense of them our brains give them the script of being telepathic because, in a sense, they are. quite why the voices/personas are almost always negative i don’t know. maybe it’s chemically produced to be that way as we are not fully asleep we will have deficits in certain chemicals and surpluses of others, maybe making for negative personas? afterall serotonin and oxytocin make us happy as does dopamine…cortisol makes us stressed but i don’t know the deficits in these (the values of them) that make us angry, paranoid or sad. it must be chemical or things like marijuana wouldn’t have such an effect on paranoia (thc) so i think that yes, in a nutshell the chemicals produced by a brain half in r.e.m. sleep half in waking state make the voices negative in nature. possibly because when we are asleep, not enough “happy” chemicals are being produced…hmmm makes me wonder about trying an experiment with oxytocin actually.
i wonder if somebody masturbated a few times a day every day for a month causing the release of oxytocin every time, whether that would have a calming effect on the voices? what do you think?


Wow that’s lot to reply to from my phone. I will say as I understand it the brain is far from asleep when you are in rem phase. As for OxyCotin from my personal experience there was a marked difference in my symptoms after I entered a sexual relationship after becoming ill. Sexual arousal during rem sleep I believe is common. I’ve heard tell of threads discussing masturbation and it’s effect on symptoms here, but I haven’t studied them yet.