It's the freakin weekend

Doing anything?
Tomorrow I’m at mindfulness session from 10 am till 4 pm. Will be nice to go out
Tonight staying up for X factor till 10 pm. Go to bed at 8 pm during the week

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My life has leveled out to nothingness. I basically watch these forums, ponder the nature of AI, and continue to recover from this bs. Can’t see myself doing anything different just because it’s the weekend.

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We’ll u might like to break out and do something

I’m going to do guided meditations with my gf, and then we’ll study the concepts of reiki…went to two sessions and it kinda helped my mental and bodily stress…

AI I personally believe will be from our own mental faculties first. In fact, isn’t Dissociative identity disorder practically some form of AI? I mean the concept is real through what they determine to be illness. And I swear some of the smartest people like eistein would get lost on walks. Or even Thomas Edison! Think about it…it’s the weekend and are we really that flawed not to have fun?

I’m broke this weekend otherwise I’d find something to do. The problem with AI is I’m all alone I’ve only got one distant buddy who’s as passionate about it as I am. But our approaches are totally different. Can’t find a good place to talk about it and get a team together. So I sit in isolation refine my knowledge of computers and think and rethink my approach to AI. Somedays it comes in clear and I make a lot of progress in visualizing it other days I get hung up on the fundamentals. I just wish I had a few friends here in town that were computer gurus. Unfortunately they are all musicians.

Why not look into autopilot systems to learn the circuitry basics? I’m a drone fan myself.

What is AI?
I meet a lot of people now but the area I live most people are settled with own friends partners and kids

Yeah later on once I’m working again and have some spare cash I’m going to look into robotics. Try to build a machine that can process visuals and audio in realtime. Then work on giving it intelligence. Google glass seems like a nice platform but it is probably grossly underpowered.

here’s a robotics collaboration site for civilians…I’ll find the link to that autopilot circuit board. Just think how GPS mapping is so precise and how perhaps soon with nanotechnology we can remap neural networks. Your brain, not those glasses is the key my friend.

Involves basic robotics projects for wheeled rovers, single rotary and multi rotor craft. Lots of cool things, like piloting a drone with a ps3 controller! anyone would like that right?

I get pretty excited about the future when I think about nanotechnology and AI. I really wonder how far the two things will progress in my life time. I know one limit of AI is that chemistry is a difficult arena to emulate by software. It’s all pretty unpredictable. So AI won’t necessarily advance nanotechnology.

I just worked four 15-hour days, and have today, Saturday, and Sunday off. It’s a tough work schedule, but it suits me fine. Plus the overtime makes it worth working 60-hour workweeks.

Daing dude. You’re making me look like a bum!

Yeah dude that sounds pretty sweet you get three day weekends. What kind of job is it?

i hear you bro, everyday is like a weekend to me.

maybe i’ll be seeing this girl tomorrow, but that’s all. nothing special.

Government contractor position as a software engineer.

Mind telling me more? I have contractors in my family actually. Some close to retirement though…

nice man sounds like a dream job to me.

I help design, test and deploy software for the federal courts.