I dont have enough to do!

I would have enough to do if the lab gave me an assignment, but it doesn’t start until monday. Tuesdays and Thursdays are busy but MWF is just lol nope, been idle since like 130. Just sitting around thinking of ■■■■ to do, now I am drinking a beer in an effort to make me more creative and think of something.

I am dating a girl but I met a girl who seemed interested in me today, she has blue hair and said my name was beautiful and asked for my phone number, but hasnt texted me. I think that she is very attractive, I have a thing for dyed hair, but I am getting along really well with this girl I am already dating, she has OCD and is all about mental illness awareness.

I like dogs, and I like male cats. My cat Chuck is a medical doctor, he has thumbs and seems most interested in me and even my studies, he reads my books while I am not around with his thumbs. I have a stack of medical books (that I havent read) and I am sure he has used his little poly-dactyl thumbs to read them. He seems very interested in my GRE workbooks.

Chuck is black and white american shorthair with green dilated eyes and a thirst for knowledge. He is my heir.

I really realize how crazy I am when I have nothing to do. Like seriously. Ironically, I am a straight-A honors psychology student, but it doesnt make me less schizophrenic, it just makes me behave less schizophrenically.

I should do sets of 12 with lateral raises, sets of 20 seem to not be working. I need to get rounder shoulders.

I like being the pumpkin king- never really imagined being the pumpkin king, but it’s pretty decent once you get used to it. It’s scary at first, then it simply becomes the world you live in, it all becomes familiar.

USA- back to back world war champions.


get a part time job?

Yeah dude I find downtime hard to deal with, I find anything is pretty hard to deal with. The only thing that keeps me from feeling bored is obsessively reading and posting on this site.

Keeps the voices at bay, keeps me thinking.

It’s almost to slow at times.

I do think you deserve a little r&r when you get the opportunity. Sorry you sz gets to you.

I find it easiest to be alone, but if it weren’t for this forum is probably be driving all over the place looking for things to do.

Glad you got some romance in your life.

Good post mr mouse.


It is hard to be alone, hear voices, and have nothing to do. I stay in my apartment a lot so I don’t get as many triggers. I do school work online and chat with people on the phone to have something other than the voices (but even that triggers me…or I trigger myself). Can’t hold a job right now, so focusing on school.

Think I’ll be in that boat come fall. Pretty much decided on getting a math degree

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I don’t like being still for too long… it makes me feel unwell. Too much sitting still and I begin to sink into my head.

I’m glad I have my job and my school… a body in motion stays in motion. keeping busy helps keep me motivated.

Hope you get some work load soon.

Hmm…I work for 11.5 hrs a day,but my active period during work is like 3 hrs only,the other 8hrs I had to wait for customer or do some easy stuff.I don’t like to put in extra effort on work myself because I had tried and it makes me stressful and I will get depress and irritable when I am stressful,so I try to do more work when asked or if it’s needed.
I go to football forums and this forum to pass my 8 hrs…my priority now is to maintain mentally healthy by keeping low stress and also get some work done

Haha,I moved very little unlike you,but I think moving more means being more lifely…I would love to be like you one day,just that maybe everyone’s style of life is different

I moved a lot when playing football and doing my workout,I am like two extremes,when playing football and exercising I can move swiftly but when at work,I don’t move a lot and I remain sitted half the time :smile:

What’s your job gtx?

I work as a retail salesperson,selling electrical appliances.LED Tv,refrigerator or Washing machine and many more

Nice man never would have guessed. Very impressive I would not fair well in a sales position, unless the product could literally sell themselves.

Lol…it’s not easy but recently it’s easier for me.Have been selling electrical things for 7 years already…I would actually rather be a sportsman or mental health related worker than a salesperson

Things to work toward in the future, if that’s what you really want. You’d probably be better then most health care workers having seen the struggle first hand.

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Yep.agree,it’s really enjoyable to do things that are related to me

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