Good morning, What are your plans for today?

I am taking my son to Bungle Jungle, and this time, I’m going through it with him.
Then we’ll get pizza there.
Then we are going to a Psychic and Wellness Expo.
Tomorrow for Memorial Day we are going to Heritage Days.
Have a great weekend!


I’m homebound by choice. Already made a batch of soy milk.

Ok, hope its a cozy day for you, chordy.

I didn’t know you could make soy milk at home! Wow.

It’ll be a day of watching TV for me. There was a time a couldn’t watch TV at all, so I’m grateful to be able to watch it.

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Cool, yeah, t.v. and I have our differences. I like sports on t.v. though.

I can do the movie theater ok.

Have a great viewing.

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Been out for coffee with parents
Just had jacket potato with cheese
Don’t really like weekends

I’ll be resting like everyday is a Sunday to me. I’m retired from being retired I am just too tired… period. I will be sitting in my favorite chair most of the day watching sports or here on this forum in my office chair that I have modified a bit. I have two beds as well because of my bad back sometimes needs a hard mattress to sleep on.

Trying to get the energy to clean this place up, been spending too much time on line not taking care of it like I should.

Going to grill a ribeye for dinner and have a baked potato.

Spend rest of day watching t.v. And doing crafts.

ok guys, hope it’s a pleasant day for you!

I feel like a soldier, so I like this weekend.

I’m not dead yet, though. But i feel every sacrifice is something.

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I have been fatigued for 45 years. Doctors won’t touch it. Finally one admited, “Well, you do take enough medication to sedate a horse.”


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I’ve been told by my doctor that I am a diabetic patient now as well. I don’t blame it on the mediations, because I’ve always known the risks’ involved and I take them willingly. It’s like now it is my choice whether or not I buy cookies and junk food instead of smoking and drinking.

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Made breakfast for everyone. Garden rototilled. Mrs. Pixel and Princess Pixel are now planting it. Just finished trimming grass in back yard. Now about to trim the front. Then hoping I can sit down and work on stuff for clients without Mrs. Pixel harumphing about something else in the yard.

Currently about to make lunch.



Partner and I are cleaning today. First my in-laws’ house then our apartment. Then we’re going to watch Netflix.


I had plans to get lunch with a friend. I should call him.

I’m gonna sit around and probably finish reading some articles. I also might visit my uncle and cousin. Haven’t seen much of them lately and I’ve been meaning to.

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I’m taking care of my wife who is bedridden with pain that acts like a blood clot but isn’t. Diagnosis seems to be a lost art in the field of medicine in her case.

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Clean up the house.

Get ready to invite my sister’s family.

All the potential of fresh tilled garden bed… what are they planting?

Today I swam. It felt great to get in a long swim.

Potatoes, carrots, beets, green beans, tomatoes, lettuce, radish, and sunflowers to attract bees to pollinate the rest. There may have been other things. We have planters of herbs growing both outside and inside. We grow fresh herbs inside through the winter.

I got outside and exercised a camera for a few minutes and then made sweet and sour meatballs for supper. Served on a bed of fried onions. Am in the process of setting up a new personal blog as well. Productive day.

Edit: Here be da meatballs:

Princess Pixel dropped one and it rolled past the cat. We tried to get her to sing “I lost my poor meatball” after that, but she wussed out. Cat was happy, though. Cleaned up everything and left a polished spot on the hardwood.


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Personal blogs are great if you add everyday and keep it fresh . and keep it engaging. I will be a follower just hit me up.

Yesterday my friend and I visited some of the waterfalls surrounding Sabie. It is now 3 am in South Africa and I can’t sleep. I’m so excited cause we’re go to the Kruger National park this morning.