What do you do on the weekends?

what do yo usually do on the weekends? I find myself visiting with friends, but for shorter periods of time. I think they might be visiting me before they go drink, because I used to drink with them all night. I lift weights and watch something and play with my cats and dogs. I spend tons of time sitting here on this site with my coffee. I used to stay out all weekend drinking back to back on friday and saturday, and I miss it of course, it was fun. Now I am on meds and my friends just drop by for a while, I don’t get to see people for very long because I know that I am no fun. It’s hard to have fun in college when everyone just gets high or drunk as their main pastime…

I will be busy with school here soon, I starting on tuesday I will be at school all day and reading with my free time. I kinda miss being busy, work makes me feel better as long as it’s manageable and not too much crap to do. I like classes that focus on mastering concepts and not nitpicking details. That’s why I am majoring in psychology, it’s a bunch of theories proven by experiments. I would hate to be a math major, just doing hours of busy work that computers can do anyways

i usually play video games. sometimes visit the parents in law.

Friday starts with my sis massively cleaning the apartment so we don’t have to do it over the weekend. Then it’s a midnight trip to the grocery store so we can do the shopping for the week in relative peace in quiet and we can watch all the street performers and drunk people on University Ave.

Saturday I go to my Sister’s work and take her water ex class and then swim. I’ve been meeting up with an old swim team buddy and now we try to out do each other. Both smokers, both been through hell and back, both can’t do a 500 in under 10 minutes, both trying to get our butterfly back. Saturday afternoon is when my sis likes to her homework, and I’m getting into that grove as well.

Sunday for ages has been “Adventure Day” where my sis would drag me out of my head and out of the house to go do something quirky and odd in the city and then go for lunch. It used to take her a lot of work to get me out of my head. Sometimes, just going to the tea shop was the adventure. But now that I’m living out of my head more then in it. I can handle different things.

My favorite so far this season was the history of roller skates exhibit (in Celebration of the Rat City Roller Derby Girls dominating this last season) and the Art Bakery (I ate a Monet and a Van Gogh. I also got to see the most intricate bundle of flowers made out of sugar… amazing)

Now that I’m not living in my head as much, I’m more into this. I like “Adventure day” now.

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