It is another Friday evening and night

What do you do? I do the same as always, eat, watch TV, take my meds and start sleeping early only to wake up tomorrow. And you?

I’m going to sleep early tonight and go to a morning lesson and driving school tomorrow morning!

For me, it’s not just Friday night, but the whole weekend. Don’t know what to do.

I’ve been at that place in my recovery where I just hang out and eat and watch tv. It’s not a fun place to be at. Maybe you could go to a support group or go for a walk or visit a friend. Getting some sun during a long walk is one of my favorite things to do as it picks up my spirit. Today I work a bit and then go to church. Good luck to you in getting going. Of course it’s easier said that done.

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I’m rarely going out now because there is a higher chance I could take something.
For weekends I’m mostly looking what’s happening around, where is a good place to be (for many events you don’t even need a company to have a good time. Last week there was a theatre play about male strippers making the career in conservative town and it was very cool)
…And I have to visit my mom or family which mostly sucks.

I would like to see this play…

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I just do my hobby and listen to music while doing so. My wife is great because she does her thing and I do mine. We just had a friend over to dinner and now we are just hanging out.

I get my days and nights completely turned around on the weekend, but it’s not because I’m partying. I want to be awake for the OU-Texas game tomorrow, but I don’t think our TV will bring in network channels. I’ll stay awake tonight on my computer. I want to type up a story tomorrow, and do some writing. I’ll take it easy. I will talk to my brother and maybe my sister on the phone.

I try a new medicine tonight. Tomorrow?

I am watching a movie with my mom. It’s a boring movie. :tired_face:

I went over to my sisters house for dinner now im back at my CLEAN apartment. wishing i could sleep because im excited for tomorrow

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I’m chatting with my aunt and I’ll get up early in the morning to to go pick up my daughter. Her father and I meet at a half-way point 30 miles from where I live.
She’s been gone all week on fall break and I haven’t seen her.

Went to the reunion tonight and there will be reunion tomorrow night also . Everyone is mellow and the past is the past. I was so worried about talking that i did not make the most of a good time. But tomorrow I’ll make it more better. It’s all attitude. I embarrassed myself though not being able to remember what people looked like everyone changes. I feel stupid. It’s been 30 years for some and not that long for others. Still have not discussed my sz. Not feeling good though I think I can trust these people but it seems like a lot to talk about. I don’t know if I should talk about it. Wishy washy. And I get mixed reactions before. I have by tomorrow to think about it. Or maybe I’ll just sweep it under the rug. I don’t know. Can’t sleep I’ll sleep during the day tomorrow.