Anyone just take a day off every week?

I have been really busy with school and I’m a perfectionist so it takes all day for four hours of class then studying, that and the workouts take up my whole days. I just napped for a few hours today and am not doing anything school related today.

Am I the only person who feels like they don’t know what to do with themselves on a day off?

a lot of very smart people find greater inspiration and clarity, when they relax…have a holiday…or meditate…ooooommmmmmmm ! :blush:
’ eureka ’ moments are i expect, found more often not in a work book :closed_book: but looking into the depths of a sunset. :city_sunset:
take care :alien:


Lately, I’ve been inspired by someone on these boards to write my own memoirs. It might be a little short, because my memory ain’t that great. That’s what I’ve been doing with my time lately.

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Hey man, sorry I missed your call on my birthday- my grandparents were having a rather serious conversation with me

No sweat. Happy belated! Do anything fun?

Thanks! Yeah I went to Jurassic World and a sushi restaurant

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Not a day every week. But yesterday was a day of recovery for me after a hectic time.

Some times the day ahead of me is so empty… I’m overwhelmed by the potential…

And so I usually sleep on an idea of what to do with all the free time… and find that is what I just did with my day.