It's sad to see... the extent of someone's delusions

I was at my sisters pool doing some lap swim while she was on shift yesterday and her ex-boyfriend demigod from my Sz group showed up. I’ve been avoiding him because I just don’t feel strong enough for the conflict.

At first, all the bragging about how amazing and perfect he is, all the bragging about being better then everyone on the planet made me just try and get away from him as much as possible. But now I’m worried for this guy.

He showed up at her work ready to swim. My sis said she had a feeling he didn’t know how to swim. She tried to get him to start in the shallow end. He actually physically pushed her out of the way and jumped into the deepest part of the pool, and sank, all 14 foot under water. My sis made the rescue, pulled him out and he got mad at her. I’ve never seen someone so angry about being rescued from drowning.

So now she had to fill out a rescue report and an incident report because he was getting verbally abusive. He sat in the hot tub and calmed down a bit, and went away.

20 minutes later, came back to do it again. My sis was still on duty and I tried to tell him he doesn’t know how to swim.

But he argued with both of us saying that he can do everything. Besides, who are we to dare to tell him he can’t do something? He is better then every human on the planet so he can of course do some thing as easy as swimming.

He didn’t listen and she had to do a second rescue on the same shift on the same guy. I’m glad he was at a guarded pool and didn’t decide to get out into the middle of Green Lake. He’s going to drown and die if he doesn’t get some help soon.

But he won’t listen to anyone. He is better then every human on the planet so he has no need of listening to us. If this keeps up… he won’t be on this planet.

I don’t like him, but I’m getting scared for this guy. I know it’s impossible to argue with a delusion, but I wish there was someway to get through… because two near drownings didn’t do it.

At fist I thought he was just off the scale as an egotistical jerk. But I’m thinking the sis might have been right all along and he’s symptomatic.

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Actually it made me to laugh aloud what type of a person he is, the world’s best LOL LOL :smile:


Sounds like he’s manic as well as delusional, does he have a care team? Is there anyway you can get him help through them? I’m not sure how it happens in the US. I think he’s dangerously unwell by the sounds of it… I’m not sure what to suggest I know when I’m like that (although I don’t really get manic but through thought processes) I’m impossible it normally takes something serious to bring me down and the fact that nearly drowning twice didn’t suggests he’s seriously engrained, I’m sorry you and your sis are going through this it’s the last thing you guys need but at least he has you both at this time sorry I can’t offer any advice.

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He lives at home and my sis knows his family… she did date him for a bit. She says they are sort of at their wits end. They have been trying to get ready for the crash I guess. He won’t listen to a care team because what do they know?

He’s better then his parents as he says, and now he treats them with utter disrespect. I know that could be a bit of the illness.

Hearing how he’s very disrespectful to his family brings up a lot of bad feelings for me. When I look back on my life and hit those memories of being that much of an ass to my family… that is where my guilt and shame comes from.

My sis has taken a very relaxed attitude to this suddenly. She says as soon as the crash happens, he will finally get some help. She was telling me she can help someone who is physically drowning, but she can’t save someone who is mentally drowning and won’t reach out for the life line.


A good twilight zone episode this would be.

Thanks for the idea.

In this episode the guy is actually better than everyone, except nobody actually knows it and they just call him a demi-god and hurt him for it.


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some people can not be saved from their illness or stupidity, some people die running off a cliff, drowning because they got caught in the drain trying to get their car keys !?!
" to become wise you must listen ". he seems profoundly deaf !!
take care

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I don’t want him to die but I would get a little pleasure from the incident.


i like the way your sister has put it at the end there,

is that a grandiose delusion thinking you are a demigod?

it sounds very dangerous if he thinks he can beat death :frowning: he could try something like that again and there might be nobody to save him :frowning:

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Yeah, I have a feeling your right…

Thinking your able to walk on water when you don’t know how to swim I think would qualify as Grandiose Delusions.

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