It's not cold - its f***ing cold!

Must be below 10C (50F) here. Almost midnight. Rained today and more rain expected on Wednesday. There must be snow on mountains I’m sure! Love winter but am longing for my bones to thaw a bit. At least there’s no cockroaches and flies around!

It’s so funny how most of you guys are in summer and longing for cooler weather and I’m in winter and longing for warmer weather. Seems we’re all longing for moderate weather.

Right now my feet are iceblocks and my hands were stiff but had coffee and they warmer now. Going to toilet such a nuisance sitting on ice cold seat!

Here in South Africa most houses don’t have central heating and mine is freezing so rely on layers of clothes (got four on - including a jersey and bathrobe and a cap and scarf). The bed sounds welcome now but maybe see what’s on TV a bit… :blush:

Keep well guys!


Yeah it’s in the 100s today. Heat index is like 110. I’ll take the snow lol.

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Oh wow! I drink a lot of coffee in winter too.

Stay bundled up, and stay safe in that chilly weather.

You’ve never seen real cold lol Here it gets past -40C during snowstorms, -30C is normal in the winter lol

I am in Canada, in the north I see temps of -50C lol
Right now its summer and it was 9C yesterday night.

My ears freeze and they become painful in the winter. Sometimes I am scared that they will fall off lol

Coldest I was ever in was -55c, was in northern Manitoba, Canada, we had to fly to another town to get fuel, pumps were frozen

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I am in Quebec, yeah I have seen -55C in north Canada when I looked online Canada temperatures for fun :cold_face:

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Yes I know Cape Town cold is nothing compared to Canada’s! 4C here now at 2am and that’s about the coldest we go to lol :laughing:

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You made me cold just thinking about it. I’m in Michigan. It gets below 0 Fahrenheit here every winter. It’s just so cold. But I do have heat luckily. It costs a lot to heat up the house though so we keep it cooler in the winter. I can totally relate to the cold toilet seat. Or how about getting in the shower when it’s freezing? I hate that. I wait for the water to get warm before I take my clothes off so it’s not as bad.

I’d rather have the cold than intense, humid heat. It’s easier to breathe.


It Depends on My Moon Really.

I Shift Back And Forth With What I Feel Like Swimming in.

I Enjoy Heat, (For The Most Part), I Like to Sweat The Vermin Out of My Flesh as The Humidity Squeezes My Throat. Where I Respond With a Cigarette, Threatening Mother Nature That More Oxygen Gods & Goddesses Will Be Chopped Down. If!, The Humid Claws Continue to Inhale.

I’m Wandering, The Frosty Snowman is Always Welcomed. Even When The Inhale isn’t. So. I Sit Among The Ice And Bundle With a Coat That Never Seems to Push Away The Center of The Freeze. But!, it’s Always Quiet.

So There’s Always That.

Although, No One Goes Outside Anymore. Unless in Swiftly Moving Spaceships.

I’m Wandering Again, N e Hoo.

Have Fun, Kid’s, Young Adults, Women, Men, And Aliens!.

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