I thought people on TV were trying to send me messages

So today’s morning something weird happened. I was watching the news. Everything was normal at first, but then the reporters mentioned that some bank was about to go bankrupt, and I immediately got a feeling that they were trying to hint that my remote (I was holding it in my hand) was connected to that bank and was draining it and causing the bank to go bankrupt. For some reason I found it funny and couldn’t stop laughing, then both of the reporters had a very stern expression, so I figured that it was inappropriate to laugh. I forced myself to stop laughing by biting my tongue and slapping my own cheeks. Then I put the remote away and the other reporter smiled.


This is why it’s called schizophrenia. I have delusions too so I feel I have the right to tell you that whole TV incident was a delusion. You are not connected in any way to the reporters or to the bank and neither is the remote. Just take your meds and see a doctor regularly and delusions like this will lessen in time. Have a nice day (if you can) and welcome to our little corner of the world!


Wow this really sounds like the kinda thing I can relate to when I was at my onset of psychosis.

The humour, the types of beliefs, the connections,

I’d go see a pdoc ASAP and tell them everything see wat they say

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I had similar things happen off meds and sometimes on meds. Talk to your doctor

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They can commuicate to us through the tv some high tec tecknology what they use to screw with us and make us go even more insane

Or maybe we have a mental illness.

Or maybe we dont. Everybody is different maybe the tv never talked to you before you wouldnt know unless it talked to u. Its true they can talk through the tv i know what i heard.

No problem……………I’ve never had a cat talk to me either but I know cats can’t talk, lol.

Thats just plain stupid if the tv never talked to you before how do you know it cant? Maybe you havent got sz as bad as us

I think they send messages too. Ever since it started back in 96, I’ve believed it was real.

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Me too i think its real. Once tou go through that it changes you. Most people you tell about tv dont belive but until you being through it its hard not to believe

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Spend 8 months locked up in a hospital and then try to tell me my schizophrenia wasn’t bad.
But the worst is over. So sue me.

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Call me delusional but I thought it was brilliant.

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So anyway :roll_eyes:

Welcome to the forum @durdlehurdle

What you’re experiencing has a name. It’s called “delusions of reference” and is a common symptom of schizophrenia.


I asked my voices once if they could make the news announcers talk to me but they said they couldn’t do that. But they did say they could make me do anything or see anything

The TV sending messages to people with szc is kinda common. I’ve had it my friend has it others here had it. At the time I 100 percent believed it. But after going on meds it went. I believe its a chemical Imbalance in our brains changing our perceptions of things. I believe it is the illness doing this our brain can twist our perceptions like crazy. Think of wen we dream for example n ur teeth are falling out. That’s not really happening but our brain makes it out like it is. Just to highlight that our brain is capable of stuff like that where our perceptions are changed like that, whether it be in dreaming or psychosis. @durdlehurdle

100% Believing it to be 'real’instead of an illness might add fuel to the fire: keeping an open mind that this might be a disease ( that could possibly be treated) might help u keep some insight and might therefore prevent the extent of psychosis getting more full blown. I’m not fully sure about that though, what do you think @Ninjastar?

If I stop concentrating on what is being said in a movie or TV show, then I notice that the characters are saying things that exactly relate to my thoughts at that moment. It’s really spooky.

Look up ideas/frames of reference. It’s very common and is a positive symptom. It’s all about function. If your symptoms are affecting your function you need to see a psychiatrist. If it’s schizophrenia then early intervention with the appropriate medications leads to better outcomes. Sadly meds are the only proven thing we have at our current technology.


Ive noticed you got a thing for saying frames of reference quite alot… as it never accured to you that the tv as really talked to some folk it was real to me no matter what anyone says and it was real to alot of people you cant just blame sz the tv did bloody talk man

I have the same delusion. It kind of feel like I am in a hidden camera show😱