It was 21 years ago today September 11th, 2001

That my first beautiful niece was born 2 months premature. The stress of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the one that crashed that was headed for the White House I think ultimately took a toll and the preeclampsia set in. It was a matter of life and death that she be born.

I asked my brother how he felt having his daughter born on such a tragic day. My brother said, no, don’t you get it? This is the best day of my life.


I forgot it was 21 years ago. Feels like the time has passed quickly. Anyway, it was a memorable day for a lot of people. At least for your family it was positive.



my oldest niece was born 17 years ago. man how time has flown. i remember my father saying he didn’t want a baby crying around the house but then she was just a joy to have. their golden retriever would spend nights on the floor in the baby’s room.

21 years ago. yeah 9/11. was driving to the high school to pick up some friends and heard to on the radio and thought is this a prank? i’m going wheres the world trade center again? we assumed it was Iranians because no one knew. we all drove around aimlessly in my van that night and talked about us boys maybe being drafted.

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21 years ago…wow. time flies. I still remember it very clearly. I was in 7th grade Spanish class. Our teacher had us switch rooms because i think she knew someone in the towers. Its incredible to think that something so tragic could happen. Really made a mark. Im sure the NFL today will have a great tribute before the games.

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I remember it too. It doesn’t seem that long ago.

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I was working at the Outback Steakhouse, early shift doing food prep. There was a TV in the kitchen and I watched it all unfold as I was working.


I was at home with my daughter when it happened. It was scary because I didn’t know if we were going to end up with a huge war on our soil.


@Leaf , I’m glad you have a positive memory for that day.


I cooked eggs under one bridge in Miami when it all happened. I listened to events on my car radio.

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I was in the Deep South.

In 11th grade,

First period.

We watched the second tower hit in disbelief.

It was so tragic.

Our teacher told us to remember everything about the day because this was going to be the biggest historical event of our lives.

I do remember things quickly turning from concern over the victims to talk of religion and politics.

Guys in my school talking about joining the military soon as they graduate.

Some people’s parents picked them up early.

It was a very sad day.

But I think the days that followed when it really sunk in were the saddest.

I won’t be watching the news or reading the articles again today.

It really disturbs me to think about the last moments of those people’s lives.

How horrific it must have been.


Makes me feel super old to remember it was 21 years ago.


I was working as a teachers aide at the time.
I was in a 3rd or 4th grade classroom when the principal of the school called us in the hallway to tell us something awful has happened in New York City to the Twin Towers.

We were in shock and so frightened.

Because we we were only 30 minutes away from the scene, our school was in lockdown for the entire day.

Many of our parents worked in the World Trade Center.

Later in the afternoon I went home and saw the hellish chaos unfold on the news.

I was extremely frightened

I’ll never forget


A 1973 broadcast piece written by a Canadian journalist who was very famous at the time, now deceased.

I second the sentiment. Cheers to my Yank friends on this painful day. You’re good neighbours and are appreciated.



I couldn’t sleep last night and I didn’t realize why until i saw the date.

It is so weird having kids, because even my oldest was only a baby when it happened. Starlet interviewed me last year for a school project and it reminded me of interviewing my grandparents about Pearl Harbor. I wonder if his kids will interview him on the Pandemic, and if it will feel just as weird to him.


I was at school when I heard about it. I would off been 15 years old when it happened.

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This is the event that turned me into a news junkie for about 10 years.


Wow @Wave . I’m sorry that you were so close to the tragedy. You must have been terrified for both yourself and your parents.


I was extremely terrified, we all were
Thanks @ZmaGal


According to my parents my pre k closed early that day. I have no memory of it

It was “a day that will live in infamy”

The date is the same numbers as the emergency phone call 911, I wonder if it was planned that way.

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