Went to my brother's place today. Feel better for it

I got to meet my little nieces and my brother’s wife again. It was enjoyable. I had an espresso coffee :coffee: there.

My eldest niece is 12 now. Time is just flying by. It’s scary.


Glad you had some family time with your brother and his family @everhopeful


Those are good times. Meaningfull ones even thou we do not feel them the same. Are little glimpses from.the universe “what could have been”

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I remember my oldest niece being born and taking care of her as a baby. She turns 30 in July!!! 30!!! I’m getting old!!!

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Yes, it’s frightening!

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My youngest niece will turn 17 soon. It’s scary how those kids grow up. I used to imagine I was a wizard and that I could cast a spell that would keep her 10 but those never work. We all grow up I suppose.

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