It was 21 years ago today September 11th, 2001

I wondered that myself early on when it first happened.

I was in like 3rd grade in daycare. We came in and they told us a plane crashed into a building and were telling us it was a somber occasion. I didn’t fully understand the implications of it all, that it was a terrorist attack, start a war etc ofcourse so I was confused and just like “why is this such a big deal plane crashes happen all the time” I got in trouble for that lol … Anyways that’s where I was 9/11 lol

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I watched as it happened on the news.

At the federal building in Buffalo there were agents outside standing guard with guns.

There were instances of people being beaten for being brown not far from my home and around the city.

I recall people standing on street corners with flags.


I was a Marine at the time. Stationed in Japan. We were asleep. My sister in law called and woke us up. We saw the plane hit the second tower. I got dressed. Knew it was time to go to work.


When I got home from school I turned the TV on and remember wall to wall coverage of the attacks

It was a terrible act of aggression

Condolences to American friends and all the other people affected by this


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