It sucks to be fat and not in control of it

how would i explain that the meds alter my brain to make me have insatiable appetite and altered metabolism, i was super fit before meds and could skateboard and run all day . i want to look and feel good. i would be more active if it didnt feel like i was dying just trying to shovel the driveway. im watching the nutty professor it is kinda saddening how being fat is a joke and seen as being a certain way in most things


Have you tried anything to fix the problem? You can swap out calorie dense snacks for healthier ones. A bit of planning an preparation could have you crunching on a cup of pickles or grapes instead of a bag of crisps. Trying to change everything at once is a recipe for failure, but if you can identify one unhealthy habit and work on it until you’ve changed to a health habit, that’s a start. Then move onto the next habit!

You can do this.



Haldol doesn’t make me hungry. But lots of other APs give me an insatiable appetite


When I was in Seroquel. I would eat only carrots to manage my weight. Didn’t work. I gained 35lbs being on it. When I switched to Geodon, I lost 25lbs. And I can eat like normal.


I avoid fast foods,pizza and choose indian,asian takeaways. I drink water and coffee most of the time. Little things like these help not to put on more weight. Yes, i diet to have a constant weight.
I lost control over a lot of things, i like to walk more for example.


On risperidone I had a really bad reaction. I was constantly nauseous. I barely ate, and threw up almost everything. I still gained 35 lbs in a month. Only switching to a weight neutral med helped.


I was really depressed about my weight, too, but I realized that the fat wasn’t going to go away by the same habits that I’ve been doing. My first step was to find a medication that is effective in dealing with symptoms, but also limits weight gain or causes no weight gain. I think this right here is very imperative if you want to lose weight and still be sane.

The next step I’ve been doing is to diet more, which is a lot more tricky than when I did it before meds. But still, it can be done. These two things have helped tremendously with losing weight. Granted, I just started and have only lost 25 pounds.

And if you are capable of working out, or just being active, this will also help. I’m lucky that my job is a very active one, but irregardless of that I know that you can lose weight fast with just 30 minutes of working out. I know because I’ve done it.

I hope you lose the desired weight you want.


Also, I switched from risperdal to caplyta (lumateperone).


i may try latuda. i lost all my med weight 60 lbs in 4months on geodon, went kinda nuts tho. now im on invega and would have to lose 130 lbs to get back to the weight i was at in my last month on geodon.i feel like latuda may be similar in regards to weight neutrality. i dont think anyone really understands when i dont take the meds i can control my eating so easily that i can eat 1200-1500 calories a day with only rare cravings and cheats. on meds i have no control. i gained 180 lbs on olanzapine and lost 50 easily when i switched to my current med invega. now ive got to a point where it is not as bad for my weight as olz but still worse than geodon or no meds

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i just used a life expectancy calculator and it says mine is 46. i weigh 300 lbs at 6’0” and smoke,

are the meds really worth it if my life will be shortened by 30 years compared to average. i can quit smoking easily but i dont know about eating myself to death unless i stop the meds

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Yes the meds are a problem when it comes to weight loss or not being able to lose weight.

When I was on Depakote I couldn’t even lose half a pound.

I gained more than 50 pounds on that drug!

Now that I’m off of the Depakote, I’m starting to shed the pounds.

Maybe you should talk with your doctor.


@Wave , How long have you been off Depakote?
And how much weight have you lost ever since you stopped it? I’m just curious because I didn’t gain weight when I was on Depakote. I don’t remember losing any weight when I was taken off of it. But that was just my experience with it.

I do remember it making my hair fall out and rendering me frigid though.

Hi @SkinnyMe
It’s been about 2 months that I’m off Depakote.
I’ve lost about 10 pounds since coming of it.

Yes everyone is different when it comes to these meds.
But they don’t call Depakote, Depabloat for nothing.

It’s a notorious weight gaining med.

It also depends on the dosage.

It’s less likely to make you gain significant amounts under the 1000 mg mark.

I was on 1000mg and greater for a while.

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